Wall Covering: The Reasons to Introduce Brick Wallpaper in Your Abode

Brick walls are a staple of industrial interiors. But even if you aren’t that much of a fan of this style, there’s no denying there’s a certain charm in the contemporary yet at the same time rustic and rugged feel a brick wall brings. It’s the kind of element in the home that easily grabs attention, so undoubtedly it’s the perfect addition in terms of aesthetic value.

However, introducing brick walls to your home might seem rather pricey. This is especially true if you want to implement them in more than one room which requires a full renovation. But instead of giving up on the trend altogether, you can get the look for less with brick wallpaper! Now that wallpaper is back in the decorating game, there are a number of reasons in favour of welcoming it into your home.

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Quick Transformation

Other than being considerably more affordable than real brick, wallpaper is quick and easy to install. So, you can get the desired outcome without the mess and hassle. It’s so easy that you can try your hand at DIY installation – even if you haven’t done anything like it before. As long as you follow the wallpaper hanging instructions and have the needed tools, you can successfully finish the project in no time.

Lasting Durability

Sure, it’s not permanent as an actual brick wall, but if you choose a brick wallpaper made of high-quality materials it can be a hard-wearing solution. When you look for quality wallpapers from trusted shops, you can count on them to last for at least a decade when applied properly. Even areas with high traffic are no match for the durability of these wallpapers that can withstand all the wear and tear. And if you choose the washable type, you don’t need to worry about the walls looking dirty.

Additionally, the fact that wallpaper is not permanent isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you’re hesitant about committing to a brick wall as a permanent feature in the interior, you’ll definitely find a wallpaper that is easy to remove far more desirable!

Endless Options

Not only do brick wallpapers nowadays look like the real deal, but there is also unlimited styles, colours and finishes to choose from. For instance, if you don’t think raw industrial speaks of your personality, you could choose elegant white or lime-washed brick. These neutral brick wall wallpapers are ideal for all interior styles, especially minimalist and crisp spaces in the likes of Scandinavian.

In case you want to make a statement with something more eye-catching, there is the bolder black brick wall paper which is perfect for aesthetic appeal with a bit of drama. What many love about it is the fact it goes so well with natural wood flooring and furniture.

If you’re afraid of going too dark with the walls, you can combine black brick with white mortar as the middle ground. As for people with traditional taste, the terracotta red brick is the go-to choice for a touch of vintage appeal.


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Protection and Disguise

If you want to protect your walls from stains and spills that are hard to clean up, a brick wallpaper for walls can be a great trick. This may be especially handy if you have kids who love to draw on walls and are worried that your precious walls might fall victim.

Besides being great for protecting, wallpaper is also great for concealing. So, if your walls are damaged, installing wallpaper can be a smart solution for covering up the imperfections.

Things to Consider Before Installation

Of course, you can’t approach any home improvement project without being prepared and knowing exactly what you’re aiming for. It’s important to take your time and consider a few things that can save you from mistakes and regrets later on.

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The Rooms – Have you set your mind on which room you’d like to treat with the charms of the brick wall wallpaper? Basically, all of the rooms are great options but what you choose for one might not work for another. Since the bathroom is more humid you need moisture-resistant wallpaper, whereas for the kitchen prone to stains you’d do with a washable design. Additionally, if the room is small and cluttered, clean, white brick wallpaper will work better than darker colours or bolder designs which can overwhelm the space.

The Walls – Then, there’s another aspect you’d have to bear in mind. Do you want to cover all the walls in the room or just an accent wall? If you’re having your doubts, it’s best to choose the accent wall alternative as it doesn’t overwhelm and opt for a room you least use, such as the guest room. This way you can experiment more without fear. For a truly unique look in the abode, try using wallpaper on the ceiling!

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The Features – Is there a feature of the room that you want to steal more attention? Then complement it with brick patterns. Living rooms with fireplaces could do well with brick walls around them as they make them stand out. The same goes if you want to make a sofa in front of a wall the focal point.

In the bedroom, the headboard is the centrepiece, so the wallpaper could fit in nicely on the wall behind it. In the dining room, if you’ve got a collection of china you’re proud of, install the faux brick wallpaper behind the cabinet to make it pop.