Ultimate9: Reasons to Invest in This Top-Notch Brand’s LED Pocket Light

When it comes to reliable tools we can keep at hand for when the situation calls for their use, flashlights are among the most essential matter whether it’s to do some DIY or repair work around the home, or to go out and about at the campsite. Still, with so many options available at the stores nowadays, it can be a little difficult to make up your mind simply because of the saturation with prices, brands, sizes, designs, and features.

Let me make it easier for you; the key lies in investing in reliable brands with products that have it all – the affordability, the compactness and durability, plus the convenient modes and buttons you can have fun trying out. I’m talking about Ultimate9, the leading manufacturer and distributor of aftermarket car accessories.

Not only are they based in the country, specifically in Melbourne, but they also have a treat if you care to acquire hands-free LED pocket lights that impress with their practicality and ingenious design. Yes, you read this right. Their throttle controllers, EVC faceplates, battery monitors, OBD2 diagnostic tools aren’t their only famous and beloved designs for the quality. Want to find out more reasons to invest in this particular brand and their particular light product? Read up!

Prepare to be Amazed by the Compactness

led pocket lights
source: ultimate9.co

If portability is your main focus when choosing the perfect light, then you can rest assured you’re going to get this taken care of with the Ultimate9 light. The name isn’t deceiving, it’s the ultimate in portability thanks to its compact body. The compactness doesn’t come at the cost of quality because the brand chooses the specific design and materials to ensure durability and strength even during impact.

To give you an idea, it’s so small, compact, and lightweight that it can fit in your pocket, and won’t take up space in your toolbox, backpack, or glovebox either. No matter where you are or what you need the extra source of illumination for, this type of LED pocket lights has your back. This means you won’t ever have to solely rely on your smartphone’s torch ever again so you can preserve its precious battery life for more important uses.

And the Output

Don’t let the compactness fool you – the brand prides themselves with the motto “small in size, big in output”. Some of the specs related to this are the incredible 80-lumen inspection light, 180-lumen compact light, and 100/200-lumen flood beam. You can also face the challenges of the darkness counting on the amazing reliability and runtime, with impressive 3.5 hours of work.

The Features Don’t Disappoint Either

led pocket lights
source: facebook.com/Ultimate9USA

When you buy a flashlight, you want it to be efficient in terms of usability too, not just the reliability from the torch itself. Not to worry as the Ultimate9 torch is just as promising in the aspect of usability too thanks to the addition of a range of features, all bundled up together to provide you with utmost flexibility.

Remember I used the word “hands-free” earlier on in the blog post – well, that’s true with this iconic LED pocket light and it’s nothing to do with it being a head torch. The secret is in the base which comes equipped with a magnet, making it piece of cake for you to add it on any kind of metal surface, whether it’s in some tight spaces in the car, under the sink, or at the campsite.

Need to take a look under the hood to see why the car is making that sound in the middle of the night? Have to repair that tough to reach spot under the sink yourself without requiring a helping hand from professional plumbers? Lost your way to the loo at the campsite or need to take a better look at the map after dark? These are all scenarios where these LED pocket lights can prove to be of assistance with the use of the magnetic force, allowing you to have your hands free for whatever needs to be done.

Moreover, this factor and this feature in particular, paired with the convenient pivoting arm, which turns 180°, means you can also swing it to wherever you want to get an even further illumination accessibility. The considerable runtime of 3.5 hours straight up is another feature that shouldn’t be underestimated, and it’s all due to the choice of the battery which is rechargeable lithium.

Once that time is up, it’s just as easy to recharge it by simply connecting it to the USB charger and the charging port the light comes with. The blue on/off switch makes the design pretty user-friendly and easy to use as well, and you’re going to love the four light modes from the three lights (e.g. inspection, compact, and flood) that are equally hassle-free to switch to and from.