Top Reasons To Read the Bible

For majority of us who have been raised in a Christian-oriented families, since an early age, we have been taught by our parents that we are supposed to Read the Bible. And yes, while some of us had no problem with it, others were not so thrilled with the whole ‘read the Bible’ idea. Many of us have had many Bible related question, such as “Why should I read the Bible?” or “Why is it so important?”, etc. Reason for such questions is probably the fact that the importance of the Bible was never fully explained by our parents. Maybe because they didn’t know how to explain in a kid-related way with simple words.


For those who never got convincing answers, here are some of the top reasons why we should read the Bible.

  • If you read the Bible often, you will get closer to God since you will have a better understanding of his words. Also, you can talk to God while reading;
  • When you read the Bible, you will be able to find answers to all relationship-related question concerning husband and wife, kids and parents and also money. The Bible will help you decide what to consider when you need to make important decisions;

  • Get peace and direction. At some point in our lives, we all get lost, which takes us to a nervous and uncomfortable stage of mind. When you read the Bible, you will find all the answers on what is really important and will understand that God has a purpose for every state of our lives;

  • Get faith and not the religion. There are many different religions today and it is up to us to decide which one to follow. Instead of choosing a religion, learn what God’s real intentions are. When you read the Bible you will find stories that really demonstrate what real faith is all about;
  • Get a new perspective on things. Sometimes things just aren’t right, and this can really put a person down. The Bible brings a whole new perspective, showing you other ways to think and also how to redirect your plans.

Simply put, you can significantly change your life when you read the Bible. The Bible can be your magic solution you have been looking for so long. After you have read the Bible, it will make such a difference in your life that you will never look at things the same.