Top 7 Reasons to Switch to E-Cigarettes

Regular cigarettes smell, e-cigarettes don’t! That is only one of the many reasons why you need to make the switch. Those around you would really appreciate the change. Be part of everything, choose e-cigarettes. The best possible alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. Forget the 4000+ chemicals that go inside in your body every time you inhale the smoke from the cigarettes. Your health really matters! Find a reliable e cigarette shop and pick your favorite model today! Here are the top 7 reasons why you need to switch to e-cigarettes:


No Ash Tray – Want to get rid of the stinky ash tray? Switch to e-cigarettes! There will be no more nasty ash trays that smell really bad. Stop burning your clothes and furniture with your cigarette ash. Smoke with style instead. The e-cigarettes come with special liquid which when burned produce vapor instead of real smoke.

Save Some Money – Although more expensive than a single pack of regular cigarettes, the e-cigarettes can save you a lot of money on the long run. After the initial purchase, all you need later is liquid cartridges. Do a simple math and calculate how much money you will save. Imagine what you can do with the rest of the money if you switch to e-cigarettes. One e-cigarette liquid cartridge contains almost the same amount of nicotine as one pack of cigarettes. This means that you can have five packs of cartridges for the price of two packs of regular cigarettes.

Less Harmful – The standard cigarettes contain over 600 chemicals that cause various health problems. That sounds like something serious right? Well, it is. The tobacco cigarettes are a deadly treat to your body. If you want to live a health life, then forget the regular cigarettes and switch to the less harmful e-cigarettes.

No More Coughing – Stop being the one who cough all the time. With e-cigarettes your lungs will be more clean and you will breathe more easily. You will feel the difference in the first few days. You will start to breath like a normal person again.

No More Yellow Teeth – Tobacco makes your teeth yellow. Therefore, if you hide your yellow teeth, consider switching to e-cigarettes. The smoke from the regular cigarettes contains dirty chemicals which can ruin your smile. If you want to have pearly-white teeth again, look for a reliable e cigarettes shop and choose your favorite e-cigarette model.

Avoid Smoking Bans – Smoking is forbidden in public places like schools, restaurants, shops. You will need to go out every time for a smoke. Stop wasting your time smoking alone. Get an e-cigarette instead!

Stop Smoking – E-cigarettes are an effective alternative to traditional cigarettes. People that have tried smoke patches, pills, gums, have found that e-cigarettes are the only effective treatment for smoking cessation. Definitely worth trying!