The Whats, Whys and Hows of Track Lights

Ever wondered how you can enhance your interior design without a major, money-hungry and time-consuming undertaking? Here’s a simple idea—upgrade your light fixtures. Lighting has the power to take any place from dull to dazzling in an instant. You can use it to add depth and dimension, highlight key design features, create visual interest, brighten up the interior or set the right mood. All that in a flick of a switch.

However, not every fixture offers that amount of versatility. You need to choose a solution that can be easily tailored to meet your needs and suit your interior. One of these solutions goes by the name of track lighting which is an increasingly popular form of illumination that brings style and functionality together.

What Exactly is Track Lighting?


These systems feature a live fixed track that can hold a number of light fixtures attached anywhere along the track. The tracks come in various lengths to suit rooms of different sizes. When shopping for track lights you can choose between single-phase and three-phase systems.

Single-phase tracks, as the name suggests, feature only one live end, meaning they can only be operated with one switch. In single-phase systems, all the lights turn on and turn off together and can’t be individually controlled. Three-phase systems feature three circuits along the track line. This allows you to control different lights on the track independently of one another.

Reasons to Consider LED Track Light Fixtures

There are many reasons why installing track lights is a smart decision. Here are some of them.

Flexible and Functional


Versatility at its finest, you can use track light fixtures to light up just about any corner in your home or office. Thanks to the slimline design, these lights can fit in the narrowest of spaces. And since you can position the spotlights anywhere on the track to provide more light where required, they also make great task lights.

Another practical feature is that you can adjust the beam angle to highlight what needs to be seen or conceal what needs to be hidden. This is especially useful if you want to install a track system in the bedroom. By positioning the fixtures towards the walls or cabinets you can diffuse the light and create a lovely ambience.

Cost-Effective and Efficient

Just as with any other type of LED, the track design is an affordable and energy-efficient solution, good for your wallet and the environment. Even if you opt for custom or designer lighting that’s a bit more expensive, it’s still a cost-effective option worth considering. First, because it’s durable and relatively low-maintenance, and second because it’s virtually trend-proof, which leads us to the next point.

Modern and Stylish

Track light solutions utilise the principles of modern simplicity to create a sense of timeless elegance and sophistication. Clean lines and neutral finishes never go out of style, and they’re easy to pair with any interior design, including yours. So how do you choose the ideal solution for your specific needs?

How to Select the Right Track System for Your Space?


Design-wise you have several options. Straight-track lines are the easiest to use and install. They’re well-suited for illuminating smaller areas where space is at a premium. If you need to light up a larger room, a curved or custom style is a better option offering even greater flexibility.

Depending on your needs, you can also select from wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted track systems, with the latter option often utilised in homes with higher ceilings.


When it comes to the finishes, there’s a myriad of hues that’ll have you spoiled for choice. From classic black and white to antique bronze and polished chrome and everything in between, there’s something for everyone’s taste. Matte black finishes can effortlessly complement industrial interiors, whereas the clean white feels at home in minimalist and Scandi-inspired living spaces.

Probably the best way to go about it is to try to match the track and spotlight finish to other accessories and elements in your interior to achieve cohesion and unity throughout the space.

Colour Temperature


The last thing to consider is the colour temperature. Cool white bulbs typically offer a higher light that’s close to natural daylight. Cool white makes a great choice for the kitchen, bathroom or home office where quality, spot-free illumination is paramount for carrying out tasks.

Warm white bulbs work better in creating a cosy and inviting ambience, perfect for bedrooms and living rooms. These bulbs have a yellowish glow that adds a homely vibe and warmth.

Closing Thoughts

With that being said, you can now start your hunt for the ideal solution that checks all the boxes on your list. Fret not, with the vast choice of track systems available online and in stores Australia-wide, it won’t be long until you find the perfect match for your needs, budget and aesthetics.