Camping Caravans: Reasons to Get an Awning for Your Next Outing

Camping is so much more than an outdoor activity here in Australia – it’s a tradition, a way of life for most families. And seriously, what could be better than hanging out with your loved ones surrounded by nature? Having your own home away from home certainly enhances the experience, and so does having the right kind of accessories with you for a boost in comfort when on the road. Awnings happen to be some of these, yet they often come as an afterthought compared to other essentials such as tow bars, portable solar panels and batteries, water containers and storage units.

And they shouldn’t be given the range of benefits they’re designed to offer as the add-ons they are, handy especially if you plan on doing some long-term caravan living. These are your reasons why you should buy easy-to-install box-style, wind-out or roll-out caravan side awnings for your next outdoor adventures:

Get Extra Privacy


Since camping is a huge deal in the country, you can expect to share the campsite with others who had the same great idea of enjoying their time off at that spot. If you’re not exactly the social butterfly kind of person, this could turn out to be so much of a disturbance to the point of shortening the duration of your caravanning trip.

Why let that happen when you can simply pull out a caravan privacy screen and get the ideal coverage for prying eyes and nosy new neighbours? As you can find it in a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes, you get to choose how much coverage you need for your home away from home.

Get Extra Weather Protection

Nothing can harsh one’s mellow when caravanning quite like unpredictable bad weather. Unless you want to spend your days off inside the caravan, hiding away from rain, hail, wind or snow, which let’s face it is something you can do in your own home, you can be out and enjoy the scenery along with the weather you’re dealt with.

Sitting under the perfect protection offered by the caravan side awnings while chatting, sketching, playing the 21 questions game, or card and board games sounds like a great deal of fun to me! Then again, it’s not always bad weather that can be to blame though – there are times when the glaring sun can mess up with your outdoor stay too. And let’s admit, that Australian sunshine can sure be harsh!

This is nothing to worry about either when you have a shade-cloth awning installed to your rescue, and while it will block the sun, it won’t block out your lovely views. Along with the durable design made for the specific weather conditions in the country, with top-notch features like improved splines, reinforced triangles with D-rings, hemmed edging to prevent fraying, guy ropes and heavy-duty steel pegs, you can also find these valuable accessories with convenient warranties.

Get Extra Living Space


Not to speak badly of caravans, but they can look and feel somewhat cluttered and crammed. This is especially true if you buy one on the smaller side, so instead of getting the much-needed rest from household chores or the mess you’d be left with tidying up and still not getting the needed room to unwind and relax.

Well, not if you equip your wheeled home with spacious caravan side awnings that could help you create your yard, the coverage for your outdoor sleep, recreation, rest and relaxation, as well as provide you with ample space for the storage of your belongings, and equipment. If you also love to take your beloved pets on trips, there’s enough coverage for them too so they can enjoy the outdoors fully.

Get Extra Cooking Space

While not everyone is keen on cooking day in and day out, you can only get by with frozen meals and quick snacks for a few times before you crave a homecooked breakfast, lunch or dinner. That being said, you need all the space you can get for your kitchen during the trips, which is also where the awnings prove to be useful.

Perhaps you don’t like cooking inside the caravan because of all the mess you might make, or perhaps you don’t have enough room for cooking inside it – in either of these cases, you can rely on the extra outdoor space provided by the awning accessory. What could be better than cooking alfresco, you ask? Eating what you cooked in the fresh air.

Thanks to the awning, you’d even be able to get enough coverage to set up the dining area too and as the whole setup is under the screen you don’t have to worry about rushing to pack things back up after you’re done with the cooking and eating. This gives you the chance to enjoy some more of the time you have to spend on the trip.