The Right Essential Oil Blend Can Work Wonders For Your Well-Being

It’s general knowledge that aromas have a huge impact on emotions, memories and mood. If you are new in the essential oils world, you should realize that the best way to start creating your own unique fragrances is to experiment. The process of creating your own essential oil blends is exciting and fun, however, you still need to have some basic knowledge of which two oils to mix in order to get a desirable smell and effect from them.

The first step is to buy a couple of single oils as well as several synergy blends. The single oils are what you are going to mix together to create essential oil blends, and the synergy blends will be used to sample which combinations work well in order to provide a desired effect like relaxation, energy, etc. Over time, you will become much more confident in blending the oils yourself and won’t need the synergy blends.

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After acquiring a few single oils, you need to decide on which ones do you blend together, what their purpose will be and how you will use them. There are several categorizations when it comes to essential oils based on the aromas they provide. Those that belong in the same group are a perfect match together, but don’t limit yourself to that, you can continue experimenting and come up with something new. Here are a few of those groups:

  • Woody Oils – Pine and cedar – These can blend together with pretty much every category
  • Floral Oils – Neroli, jasmine, lavender – You can blend them with spicy and woody oils
  • Minty Oils – Spearmint and peppermint – Excellent for blending with woody, citrus, herbaceous oils
  • Oriental Oils – Ginger and patchouli – Perfect with floral and citrus oils
  • Spicy Oils – Clove, nutmeg and cinnamon – You can blend them with floral, oriental and citrus

Oils are also divided into notes. Single oils have a single note, while blends can have multiple notes, depending on the type of note the single oils it is made of posses. Every blend is composed of a top, middle and base note.

  • Top Note: The first noticeable impression in the blend, this will often bring out the characteristic of the oil. It has a sharp tone, it springs swiftly from the aroma and doesn’t last very long.
  • Middle Note: This lasts longer than the top note, about one or two hours and is referred to as the heart of the aroma.
  • Base Note: This appears after the initial two notes, and this is the note that provides the staying power. The base note usually appears after a few hours or even a day after and it will help you determine the lasting ability of your oil blend.