Sweet Gifts: How to Surprise Your Loved Ones on Special Occasions

Are you looking for creative and sweet gift ideas for the birthday, anniversary or any other occasion or milestone shared with your significant other? Here are some romantic and budget-friendly surprises that will make your loved one feel special and simply delighted!

1. Go camping with them

source: tripsavvy.com

If you don’t already have a superb camper equipment, nor are you planning on using it regularly, borrow from a friend or the local camping store so that you simply have to pay for food, gas, and the camping fee and still make the best of your trip. This way you can have all of the fun pitching the tent, building the fire, and roasting hotdogs and marshmallows together.

2. Put together a photo collage

Make a memorable gift by gathering old images from the time you first started going out together until the present day. Once you have everything you need, create an artistic collage out of them. This is one of the reasons why we all love smartphones so much. Now more than ever we have the ability to capture beautiful moments generations before us could only dream of.

3. Plan a picnic for them

source: installitdirect.com

Fill a picnic basket with your partner’s favourite meals and beverages, as well as a mat, plates, and other tools. You can spend the entire day together at a nearby lake, park, or beach, and if you don’t want to bother with making sandwiches and lemonade, simply get them one of the many luxurious birthday hamper baskets with chocolates and champagne.

4. Send them on a treasure hunt

Make your anniversary day even more enjoyable by sending your lover on a treasure hunt. Write out ten things you admire about him on bits of paper, one reason per piece of paper, and hide them around the house with a chocolate or candy bar. The activities you have planned for the day will come at the end of the hunt.

5. Take a day trip to somewhere fun

source: freepik.com

Awaken the child in you and make a trip to the zoo, the carnival, or one of the nearby activity parks to spend time with your loved one away from all responsibilities. Moving around and seeing things together is one of the best ways to (re)connect with someone.

6. Make a one-of-a-kind piggy bank

Wrap a clean, empty jar in ribbons, stickers, or photographs as a gift, along with a letter indicating where you want to spend your next anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or birthday.

7. Have a homemade dinner by candlelight

Make your anniversary meal more interesting by preparing a simple meal instead of eating out. Enjoy it with a glass of cold wine or champagne on your porch by candlelight. For desert, take advantage of the remaining chocolate of your birthday hamper gift.

8. Indulge them with a home foot spa

Make your own foot spa for your partner with Epsom salt, body wash, and fragrant oils. Then, using 1/8 cup olive oil, 1 teaspoon honey, and 1/4 cup sugar, dazzle him or her with the results of your homemade foot scrub.

9. No one is too old for a romantic scrapbook project

Make a scrapbook project with your photos to bring out your inner artist. Add old cards, notes, textiles, dried flowers, and other objects that are personal to both of you to create images that help you construct tales.

10. Make a batch of their favourite cookies

If you are not a natural baker, you can find cookie recipes to follow on the internet. To make your cookies appear extra romantic, use a heart-shaped cookie cutter. Or simply rely on a cake from a bakery with a customized message or pick one of the many available birthday hamper baskets.

11. Romantic breakfast in bed for two

source: carryonchronicles.com

This beautiful concept never ceases to impress. Serve a delicious and healthy breakfast to your sweetheart that you cooked particularly for the big day. It’s the ideal way to showcase your romantic side.

12. Invite them to dance with you

In the late afternoon, drive to the nearest beach and walk together on the sand, holding hands. Put your arms around each other and dance to the sound of the waves (or secretly sneak in a portable speaker) as the sun sets.

13. Plan out a customized surprise birthday party

source: xogrp.com

Maybe your partner or family member has strict dietary restrictions for any health, religious or lifestyle choices. This doesn’t mean that there is less of a reason to celebrate. You can easily get everyone on board and organize, for example, the perfect vegan party where everyone will be full and happy.

14. Long Distance Showcase of Affection

What if you aren’t around during your loved one’s special day? Does that mean that you can’t be the one to still bring a smile to their face and warmth in their hearts? Definitely not! If you know ahead of time of your absence for the special date, get them a gift that is going to be delivered to them on the exact day, or tune in for a special video call where you present them with a nice video-collage of all your core memories together. Sometimes it’s the little, silly things filled with lots of love that matter the most.