Running a Restaurant: Reasons to Buy from a Local Wholesale Food Supplier

The last thing a restaurant owner wants is to have menu options unavailable due to product shortages. If you want to give your customers consistent service, a trustworthy food distributor will be quite helpful. You need a food service supplier who will provide high-quality food products on time whether you’re dealing with a family pizza, a large industrial kitchen, or a smaller restaurant.


If you’re on the lookout for such suppliers, check out one of Australia’s leading wholesale food service distributors. They offer a large range of ingredients from top suppliers, as well as appliances, kitchenware, cleaning products, and much more. Their simple platform lets you choose high-quality, fresh products and offers timely delivery straight to your doorstep, providing an ideal solution for a thriving business and happy customers.

What’s the Difference Between a Wholesale and a Retail Business?

Let’s start by defining the difference between food wholesalers and retail companies. In general, wholesalers purchase goods from manufacturers and then resell them to retailers. Retailers then offer these products to customers like you, only at a considerably bigger price.

A retailer is the chain of stores or supermarkets closest to you. Considering this, it’s astonishing how slowly food travels to get to your kitchen. But what if there weren’t so many hands involved?

As more and more wholesalers open their internet doors to the public, there’s a new positive trend brewing recently of going wholesale. World-famous restaurants are frequently using online wholesale platforms to procure the freshest products, and you can do the same!

What are the Benefits of Buying from a Wholesale Supplier?

The best approach to consistently supplying your kitchen with fresh produce is to buy from bulk food distributors. Wholesalers are the ideal option for buying food in big quantities. Below are 10 advantages of buying wholesale.


You can get all of your essential products in greater quantities and at a lower price. Before ending up on shelves at the supermarket, the food is initially unloaded and put in enormous storage spaces. Having additional people sorting and transporting boxes costs you more money. The costs you were paying for staff salary, rent, transportation, and storage are no longer included in prices when retailers are taken out of the equation.

Greater Quality Control


Superior hygiene is another reason to order from wholesale food suppliers. A grocery store’s produce area is typically rife with germs. And it’s hard to expect a place where hundreds, or even thousands, of consumers, use the same shopping carts throughout a single day to be sanitary heaven.

Products exposed to the elements become contaminated with bacteria and viruses. When you buy directly from regional wholesalers, no one moves your food from one warehouse to another. Instead, it’s brought right to your establishment.

More Product Choices

Wholesale provides the widest range of products, from novelties that aren’t yet on the shelves of big-box stores to specialty food items that are hard to get elsewhere. You can broaden your product offerings to draw in new clients and maintain returning consumers that wish to support local.

Better Deals

Working with wholesale food distributors has a lot of financial advantages. Since wholesale vendors provide unique prices and big savings when you order above a specific quantity, buying in bulk is always more affordable than buying individual products. This implies that you will pay less for more food than you would from retail providers. Because their costs decrease as they sell more products, wholesalers maintain high-quality standards while maintaining low prices.

Easy Ordering and Tracking


Food wholesalers guarantee secure shipping and higher standards of tracking. If you also shop locally, the food won’t have to travel from a far-off location. This way you will avoid notorious one-year-old ingredients.

Since refrigerated trucks keep food at an ideal temperature, safe deliveries also guarantee fewer environmental changes that might harm food quality. Overall, you receive food that is fresh and has a longer shelf life.

Buying in bulk online is a quick and convenient way to get what you need. While it’s true that you must wait for the products to be delivered, you won’t lose any more time by walking around aisles and stumbling into other shoppers. Additionally, you won’t have to resist pointless temptations like the chocolate bars that are conveniently located near the checkout.

If you’re running a restaurant, you need to restock on ingredients frequently. Buying things in small quantities is a huge time and energy waste. You won’t have to worry about checking and replacing your inventory nearly as much if you buy things in bulk. It’s considerably quicker and you don’t need to restock as often.

Greater Information on the Products

And lastly, wholesale food service distributors are aware of where their products are coming from. On the other hand, you can’t ask of that market employee about the specifics of a dairy product or the route their meat takes to get to the aisle.

However, local wholesalers have access to this kind of information and a lot more. You can contact their customer service department with any questions you may have.