Reasons Whey Protein Should be a Part of Your Daily Routine

As one of the most important nutrients for life, protein helps the body perform a number of functions. It’s necessary for building strong muscles and tissues and it supports the formation of new cells. The body needs protein to transport nutrients to the cells and repair tissues and muscles. The structure of protein consists of a group of up to 20 amino acids, out of which 11 are non-essential while 9 are labelled as essential amino acids. To function properly, the body needs both non-essential and essential amino acids. The main difference between the two is that the first are synthesized or formed by the body, while the later the body can’t form on its own, therefore they can only be obtained through a balanced and healthy diet. Some of the foods that have a high concentration of protein include eggs, chicken, almonds, yogurt, broccoli, and cottage cheese.Buy Protein Supplements

In addition to adding these foods to their diet, many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts opt to buy protein supplements which are a great source of essential amino acids. Whey protein is the most commonly used sports nutrition supplement. It can be described as a by-product of milk that is obtained during the process of coagulation. Whey and casein are the two proteins that can be found in cow’s milk. During the process of milk coagulation a coagulant substance know as renin is added to the milk and separates the two proteins, with whey forming the water-soluble potion of the milk.

The main reason why many bodybuilders opt to buy protein supplements that contain whey concentrate is due to its ability to improve the process of muscle protein synthesis which is essential for building strong and healthy muscles. This amazing protein supplement is absorbed a lot quicker in the body than other types of protein like casein, for instance and can therefore help you easily get your daily dose of protein. In addition to being very digestible and a great source of essential amino acids, whey protein has many other benefits. Here are just some of the reasons why you should include this supplement in your daily routine.

Boost Your Performance

Lifting weights, doing squats, running on the treadmill and performing many other exercises at the gym is for sure exhausting, so to reach your daily workout goals you need a lot of energy. Taking the time to rest and replenish your energy after each workout is essential. Also, before you hit the gym you need to make sure your muscles are healthy and strong and can withstand all those demanding workouts. Drinking protein shakes is a great way to restore your energy and prepare your muscles for exercising. They give you more strength and can provide the body with the necessary amino acids that are essential for repairing muscle fibres. Mix 1/3 cup of protein powder with ¾ cup of water, almond milk or coconut milk, add your favourite fruit to the mixture and you’ve got yourself a healthy and filling protein shake.

Reduce Unhealthy Food Cravings

For many people having unhealthy food carvings is the one thing that prevents them from reaching their body goals. Foods like pizza, mac & cheese, cookies and cake, although very delicious are high in calories, yet low in essential nutrients, so naturally they aren’t the best choice when you’re trying to lose fat and build muscles. When food cravings make eating a balanced and healthy diet a difficult task, whey protein can be the ideal solution to this problem. Since it’s one of the most satiating or filling forms of protein, including whey in your daily diet will easily satisfy your hunger, so you will no longer feel the need to munch on unhealthy snacks and foods.

Improve Your Immune System

Aside from being the ideal supplement for boosting your performance and reducing cravings, whey protein can have a number of positive effects on your overall wellbeing. Bodybuilders may experience decreased levels of glutathione due to exhaustion and stress from extensive training. Glutathione is an essential antioxidant that plays a major role in the normal functioning of the body’s defence system. Therefore, low levels of it can disrupt the ability of the immune system to fight of disease. Whey protein can prevent the decrease of glutathione levels within the body, which is essential for your overall health and wellbeing.