Reasons to Upgrade to LED Headlights

Many people, especially those who are looking for off-road lighting solutions are opting to upgrade to LED headlights, simply because they offer many advantages over other types of lights. While the initial purchase price of LED headlights is higher, a quality LED headlight will provide you with rugged durability, superior visibility and longevity, which ultimately translates into greater value.

However, not every LED headlight is created equal, meaning you have to do your own diligence in order to ensure you get the best LED headlight upgrade possible. Here are the most popular reasons why people get a LED headlight upgrade for their vehicle.

led headlights

Extreme Durability

LED headlights utilise a solid-state construction, which means there aren’t any fragile filaments, breakable bulbs and sensitive electrodes like the ones found in halogen, HID and incandescent headlights. That being said, LEDs are the ideal choice for people who frequently drive off the beaten trail and come across curves, bumps and potholes that would result in traditional headlights to fail prematurely.

Energy Efficient

One of the most notable advantages of LED headlights is their energy efficiency. Modern vehicles utilise a ton of electronics, which can put a huge load on your vehicle’s alternator and drain the battery quickly. That being said, having energy-efficient components is crucial. LED lights offer far more superior efficiency when compared to other types of lights, and it’s not even close.

Environmentally Friendly

Halogen, incandescent and HID lights contain hazardous waste in them in the form of lead, mercury, sodium and other materials. Globally discarded lighting products account for thousands of kilogrammes of mercury waste on a yearly basis, which is enough to poison all the drinking water in Australia. LED lights, on the other hand, don’t contain hazardous waste and are recyclable, which eliminates the mercury absorption into the environment.


Since LED lights don’t have any filaments to burn out, no moving parts to fail and no bulbs to change, they’re completely maintenance-free. This is a major benefit of LED lights, and it’s one of the reasons that makes them a cost-effective lighting solution. Additionally, LED headlights offer the longest product lifespan, and they outlive other lighting solutions by a large margin.

All of this makes LED headlights one of the most sought-after upgrades for both on- and off-road vehicles. They provide the best value for your money, and once you install them, you can expect them to operate optimally for more than 10.000 working hours.