Reasons To Use Surveying Equipment Before Building

Every construction project involves many different activities and tasks. One very important task that needs to be completed before construction begins, is the surveying. In fact, every town and municipality requires a surveying map of the construction area, in order to issue building permission. Appropriate and accurate site surveying equipment is required by surveying professionals in order to complete the surveying process in an efficient manner. Before construction workers can begin using various construction machines, the site needs to be surveyed, marked and a grading plan needs to be given to construction engineer. Property boundaries also need to be marked. The use of the site surveying equipment also helps determine where water and waste lines need to be dug out. Below is the list of reasons why surveying equipment is required before building.


Reason No.1: It Is Builder’s Responsibility – In general, if a building permit is required, also is land surveying. The surveying map of the site shows property boundaries and other topographical information. Everything related to where and how to built, is regulated by the state or by government. Local and state regulations need to be followed when building and these regulations state that a professional surveying is required by using appropriate site surveying equipment.

Reason No.2: Setting The Boundaries – Accurate measurements are essential, especially for construction projects. The use of accurate site surveying equipment helps determine where one property ends and the other begins.

Reason No.3: Supporting The Construction Process – Site surveying equipment helps and support the architects and the land owners at the beginning of the construction process by providing accurate data of the land. For example, before a land owner builds a home, the surveying process needs to be completed in order for a construction process to take place.

Reason No.4: Determining The Site Foundation, Septic Tanks, Water Lines, Etc. – If the construction project involves building a residential structure, water, sewer and telephone lines and fiber optic cables need to be marked for burying. For these reasons, using appropriate site surveying equipment is essential so that such systems can operate properly after construction is complete.

Reason No5: Saving Time And Money – In the past, several professionals were required to perform the surveying process. The use of modern and state of art site surveying equipment minimizes construction expenses and cost by reducing the necessary human effort and labor for the surveying process.