Reasons To Buy Masonry Table Saw

Several different types of masonry tools are available on the market when it comes to cutting masonry materials. These are: right angle grinder, cut off saw, paver saw, portable masonry table saw and full size masonry table saw. A right angle grinder can be used for cutting masonry units which are already in place and a cut off saw is used for making quick cuts that don’t need to be square shape. But when it comes to higher precision, consistency and control the masonry table saw is the ideal solution.


For cutting different masonry materials and for completing various masonry tasks or jobs, the masonry table saw offers three benefits: greater safety, greater control when cutting and higher production capacity. Although it may require several workers for loading and unloading, the masonry table saw provides a safe and stable work surface for the workers. This machine can be equipped with a wheel kit for easy transportation and movement around the job site. Some masonry table saws have attached forklift brackets on the back. Such attachment enables the saw to be easily placed on the best possible location. One big advantage of the masonry table saw is that it can cut through materials either wet or dry, by using an abrasive blade or diamond blade for more powerful and precise cuts. Various types of masonry table saws are available. Usually, they are powered either by gas engine or by electric motor.

When compared with the hand-held saw, the masonry table saw minimizes the safety risks and the dangers when cutting through different types of materials. One big benefit of this masonry saw is the ability to switch easily and quickly from wet cutting to dry cutting. The worker who is operating the saw can use the handle grip and the foot pedals at the bottom to control the blade, or can put and lock the blade in a static position and simply push materials through the blade. This way, the masonry table saw increases worker’s alertness, which on the other hand increases safety. For larger masonry jobs, the masonry table saw comes with higher horsepower engine or motor. Today, a removable power platforms are available on the market, allowing the saw operator to quickly and easily change form gas engine to electric motor.

The main factors that need to be considered when searching for the right masonry saw are the motor power capacity and the type of material that needs to be cut. Usually more powerful saw is better since more power allows for more and faster cuts. Fuel consumption and gas emissions are other factors that also require close attention. When it comes to the price, it may be reasonable to use a smaller saw for smaller masonry tasks, but however, cheaper does not also mean faster and better. For example, the hand-held saws are great portable machines that are less expensive when compared to the masonry table saws. But when more cuts are needed, it becomes difficult for the operator to bend over for every cut. Therefore the greater productivity of the masonry table saw must be a trade off for the portability and the versatility of the smaller hand-held saws. In addition, the masonry table saws are very durable because of their design, and are therefore the first choice for various masonry jobs.