Reasons to Upgrade Your Tool Kit with a Soldering Iron

Although you might not have even thought about it since your last high school science project, a soldering iron is quite the useful tool to have around in your home. And compared to other welding tools, it’s affordable for an average homeowner to buy soldering iron. But what exactly is this kind of tool, and most importantly, where do you get to use it (as an amateur, of course)? Let’s try to shed some light.

A soldering iron, in fact does not look like your typical triangularly shaped iron at all. Ironically, it looks more like a pen, with a long wire connecting it to a power outlet or a soldering station. And opposed to other irons, it uses a different kind of “cold” heat to melt solder so that it can flow between to pieces and join them. A soldering iron is usually used for fusing together metal part, wires, or other materials which cannot be fused by any other means beside soldering. This opens up the way for a number of reasons to use a soldering iron like for instance the examples below.

Soldering Iron

Fix Leaky Plumbing

It’s not rare that your home pipes experience some leaks in between joints. The solder can form a type of seal between the joints of copper pipes that prevents water from leaking out. This is a quick home fix that even a rookie can do in under 30 minutes, which will save you from having to hire a plumber. If you are tired of your pipes dripping and keeping you awake at night, then buy soldering iron and get perfect, leak-free plumbing in no time.

Create Jewelry

Eventually, just about every DIY enthusiast is going to try their hands at jewelry making. You can start with some simple copper earrings and if you find you have a knack for it, move all the way to silver, all with the same soldering iron. Some artists use a soldering torch which is much more powerful and doesn’t give you the level of control an iron can. Whatever metal you are soldering, it’s important you clean it from any grease and oils your hands might have transmitted to it. Remember that not everything can withstand the heat, and be careful when working around gemstones. Here are some ideas on soldering jewelry to jump start your creativity.

Repair Simple Electronics

Gadgets, although very complex, have a rather simple working principle. The constant electrical continuity needed for electronics to work is established between the metals in the different wires. When simple gadgets start to malfunction, or cannot be turned on, try to check the state of their wiring. Sometimes the problem is that the wires somehow got detached from each other, or there is something preventing the contact between metal surfaces, like dust, corrosion or oil. Soldering fuses the wires together, and can be used to lock the wiring down to the circuit board and insulate it. Try this with simple gadgets like remote controls where there’s no costly damage or electrocution risks involved.