Reasons to Start Using Peppermint Essential Oils

Essential oils have been a great part of many cultures for centuries – from Ancient Persia to India and Egypt. Not only are they a very effective natural first aid for curing different conditions, but many different essential oil blends are also widely used for purposes such as cleaning and refreshing your home, relaxing aromatherapies, massages, etc. One of the most commonly used oils is peppermint oil.

Peppermint Oil for Aromatherapy

One of the main reasons to explore peppermint essential oils and get yourself one is that they’re perfect for relaxing aromatherapy. In fact, peppermint essential oils are known as very effective mood enhancers, so don’t skip your daily aromatherapy to enliven your senses and feel energized again.

So, if you’re in a need of a mid-day “pick me up”, then you can always put a drop of your natural peppermint oil in the palm of your hand and inhale it by cupping your hands over your nose. But if you’re in a need of serious “uplifting” therapy, don’t hesitate to get your essential oils diffuser and drop a couple of drops of your peppermint essential oil. Not only will it make your home or your office smell delightful, but you’ll also instantly start feeling relaxed and energized for the tasks ahead.


Peppermint Oil Is Skin-Friendly

You probably know that many skin conditions are best treated with natural skin products, but what you may don’t know is that peppermint essential oils have natural antiseptic and antibacterial properties, and this is why they’re one of the most commonly used ingredients in many medical and cosmetic products for the skin.

But this doesn’t mean that peppermint oils shouldn’t be used for treating different skin conditions on their own. In fact, many dermatologists recommend using pure peppermint essential oil for treating acne, since it has a cooling effect that soothes irritations and inflammations. But except for soothing acne, dermatologists also recommend a natural oil of peppermint for breastfeeding women, since applying it topically to the nipple area may help reducing pain and cracked skin.

However, have in mind essential oils are very concentrated and applying them undiluted directly on your skin can only irritate your skin even more and cause permanent damages. Some of the most commonly used diluting options are distilled water, aloe vera gels, carrier oils such as coconut or almond oils, and even witch hazel which is shown to help soothing acne and removing blackheads.


Peppermint Oil Is Perfect for a Relaxing Massage

Not only natural peppermint oils are very efficient to disinfect and soothe your inflamed skin, but they’re also shown to be great to relieve muscle spasms and flatulence as well as to release muscle tension when used in massages. This is why exactly peppermint oil is very recommended for a massage after strenuous physical or mental work, or when being exposed to stress or lack of night’s sleep.

Also, if you’re suffering from a high fever, many doctors recommend diluting peppermint essential oil into a carrier oil and rubbing it into your feet. Due to its soothing properties and the cold sensation it gives, you’ll see how it immediately reduces your fever.

On the other hand, if you’re part of the people that aren’t enjoying massages, you can always drop a couple of drops of peppermint essential oil in your bubble bath for the same effect. Not only will it instantly clear your nasal passages and congestion, but it will also boost your blood circulation, release the tension from your feet, relieve your muscular pain, cramp and spasms and disinfect your skin at the same time.


Peppermint Oil Will Cleanse and Refresh Your Home

Using essential oils to clean and refresh your home is an excellent way to stay green and fill your house with a naturally refreshing aroma. As we already mentioned before, peppermint oils have natural antibacterial and antiseptic properties, which also makes them the perfect ingredient to clean many dirty surfaces in your home. So, don’t hesitate to make a DIY cleaning spray with peppermint essential oil and the popular white vinegar, and see how this formula works its magic on many dirty surfaces.

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t use peppermint essential oil to get a long-lasting, fresh smell around your home. The only thing you need to do is to drop a little bit of peppermint oil into your diffuser, and leave it to spread an invigorating minty yet sweet scent.

Some people even enrich these minty aromas by using essential oil blends. So don’t hesitate to combine your peppermint oil with a grapefruit essential oil to get a cool aroma around your house or with sandalwood oil for an uplifting, energizing scent.

Peppermint Oil Is Food and Drinks Friendly

One of the best things about peppermint oils is that they safe for oral consumption. For instance, instead of reaching for your artificially-flavoured bubble gum to instantly refresh your breath, natural peppermint oil is a much healthier option for the same purpose. But as we mentioned before, essential oils in their concentrated form can be very harmful, so make sure you mix a drop of the oil into a glass of water and rinse your mouth. Not only you’ll experience a pleasurable, cooling sensation and instantly get a fresher breath, but rinsing your mouth with peppermint oil is also very beneficial for your teeth and gums’ health.


On the other hand, if you prefer starting your day with a dose of vitamins, don’t hesitate to drop a couple of drops of your pure peppermint oil into your morning smoothie. Not only will it give your smoothie a minty, refreshing aroma, but it will also boost your energy and help you stay fresh throughout the day.

But peppermint oil isn’t only a good match for your morning smoothie, since you can always make yourself an instantly refreshing drink for the summer days when the sun is blasting. The only thing you need to do is to add two drops of peppermint oil into a glass of water and add a couple of pieces of lime, and you got a tasty yet refreshing treat.

But such homemade treats enriched with peppermint oils won’t only help you freshen up, but peppermint oil is also great to encourage healthy respiratory function in your body and ease your digestion. So, except for flavouring your plain water, you can also add a drop the next time you’re making your favourite cake filling or over your ice cream, and enjoy the minty aroma along with the many health benefits.