Reasons To Introduce A Soft Toy To Your 9-Month Old Baby

Your 9-month-old baby is just 3 months shy from his/her first birthday and no longer resembles the bundle of joy. At this stage, your baby is almost a professional crawler, always on the move and may even be able to stand. He/She continues to make major gains in development and begins to display a little independence. Also, at this stage of age, playtime is becoming more fun, primarily because your baby is becoming more aware of the surroundings. And as fun as play can be, it can be also educational.

This is because babies learn about the world around them through play and this learning experience can be enhanced by the toys you provide to them. Thus, be selective. Choose toys that are safe, easy to hold and carry and offer comfort. Since all children love things that are cuddly, soft toys make the best possible choice.


Here are few other great reasons for you to introduce a soft toy to your 9-month old baby.

To Promote Motor And Communication Skills

Soft toys offer baby a chance to explore numerous possibilities in a safe way. Your baby will be able to tug at them, chew and even throw them around, all without getting hurt. All these exploring possibilities will allow your baby to learn about changing nature of things around him/her.

To Learn to Self-Soothe

Being able to receive comfort from a cuddling soft toy is a powerful milestone in your baby’s development, as he/she becomes able to use a teddy bear or a soft fleece blanket to self-soothe. By providing a soft toy for your baby you will also be providing him/her with comfort and security often needed for calming down.

To Easily Separate from Mommy

At this age, your baby will begin to become more and more aware of the separation between the two of you. A teddy bear or any other stuffed animal toy will provide comfort during these difficult times of separation.

Stuffed animals and dolls, because they provide love and stability, usually are referred to as baby’s best friends. If your baby becomes very attached to his/her ‘best friend’, do not worry. This is very common and most children tend to slowly reduce the time they spend with their soft toy as they get older.

In addition, soft toys are safe, easy to hold and care for. And as you can see, although considered a toy and not an educational tool, a soft toy offers many benefits in helping babies explore their world and develop new skills.