Reasons to Install a Dog Door

It is no secret that there is a special bond between humans and dogs. The bond is so special that a great number of dog owners keep their dogs inside their home as they want to have them around all the time. However, just like any other living creature, dogs also need the freedom to get out or run whenever they want. So, instead of limiting this freedom of theirs, you can install a door for your dog on your existent one or on the wall. This can come in handy for both you and your dog for many reasons.

dog door


Installing a dog door can help your dog come in and out freely while ending your obligation to go and open the door anytime he wants to go out. This is paramount especially when not at home for a longer period of time, when busy at home or when you just want to sleep a little more during the long anticipated weekend. Once you install a dog door in your home, you can stay longer on those after work parties or just doing whatever you want without worrying about your dog being indoors all the time.

Mental Stimulation

Both indoor and outdoor engagements are great for your dog, but being able to go out whenever he wants is way more beneficial. Playing and running without restrictions, socializing with other animals (cats for example), observing, hearing and just smelling things can help your dog stay psychologically stable. In other words, installing a door for your dog can be mentally stimulating for him.

Good Behaviour

Nobody wants to be at home 24/7, right?! Whether talking about small puppies or big dogs, all of them need the opportunity to go out and feel the fresh air. Otherwise, they can become bored and start doing some bad things like scratching the door, chewing the furniture, unrolling the toilet paper in the bathroom, etc. Simply put, they’ll start making a mess in your home which is not beneficial for none of you. By installing a door, there’ll be less chance that your dog will display behaviour like this.

A piece of advice: Before choosing a door, make sure you take into account the size of your dog and the place where you want to install it. There are various types of dog doors available on the market and they all differ size, material and features wise.