Reasons to Illuminate Your Pond with Underwater LED Lights

Are you fortunate enough to have the space, conditions and budget for a small lively pond or scenic water fountain to grace your garden? If the answer is yes, then consider yourself very lucky. Such a landscape addition can give your outdoor space a true exotic appeal with all the life booming in and around it.

During the day, the pond is a source of movement and joy thanks to all the fresh plants and frisky fish that dwell in it. But come night, when all its inhabitants retreat to sleep and darkness falls, the pond becomes gloomy and invisible.

Underwater Pond Lights2

However, it doesn’t have to be like that. You can illuminate the pond just like you would do with any other landscape element. You might be wondering how is this possible, after all, water and electricity should not mix together? Quite simple – you can safely illuminate the entire pond area with an underwater light LED technology to be specific. Not only are these lights water-resistant and completely submersible, but the LED technology is also energy-efficient and won’t increase your electricity bills from staying on throughout the night. Underwater light LED technology are also resistant to extreme temperatures which means you won’t have to remove them when the pond freezes over during winter.

Now that you know you have the right option on disposal, let’s move on to the exact reasons why a pond owner should illuminate his pond.

Underwater Pond Lights1

Visibility and Safety

Any water area that’s left out in the open is a potential risk. If you have curious children running around the yard, there’s no greater hazard than an unprotected pond. Engrossed in their play, children rarely pay attention to where they’re moving, which means they can easily run into the pond. And taking into account the fact that most ponds are deeper than 1.5 meters, it’s frightening to imagine what could happen. But adults are no safer as well. In pitch black darkness when you can’t see where you’re going, it’s very easy to trip and fall into a pond which is left unmarked. Illuminating the pond will make it stand out for everyone to clearly see.

Create a Wow Factor

Now that we have elaborated on the worst consequence of leaving a pond unlit, we can move on to a more lighter note, namely, how an illuminated pond can light up your landscape. And by including an underwater light LED system you can create a magical illumination effect that will transform your garden into a fairytale. LED lights are powerful enough to shine through the water and on the surface, even if they are located at the bottom of the pond. And together with the rippling of water, these lights transform the sleeping pond into a dynamic landscape element which will make all your visitor gasp in awe.

Moreover, LEDs are perfect as decorative lights because they give you the option to chose a colour. Thus, you can go for warmer tones like orange or yellow to highlight the rocks around the pond. Lights that have a blueish hue, work best when placed deep within the pond as they reflect better on the surface. You can further enhance the colourful effect by adding drama with the help of a mechanism that will subtly move the lights.