Reasons to Fall for the Oh-so-Dandy Scandi Home Design

With its tendency to work with minimalist color palette comprised of only a few well chosen hues, primarily natural materials and shapes as simply as can be, the Scandinavian style is both appealing and easy to live with. It is inseparable with the white color scheme, but tends to break the monotony with strong gray and black accents for that much needed contrast that furthermore defines it.


wooden benchThe most basic reason why this style has become so sought after is its immediate association with cosiness. The atmosphere it aims to create originates from the notion, feeling or mood named hygge. This hard to define and rather elusive word is best explained through actual activities rather than some definition. For instance, it is that exact moment of utmost relaxation you get when slipping into a hot bath or that first morning cup of coffee, enjoyed with a scented candle lit nearby…

Apart from its association with calmness and an almost Zen-like state of mind, this design also makes for easy maintenance. And when I say maintenance I don’t mean for cleaning alone. Think of it as the complete opposite of hoarding. It defies it with every aspect it stands by. What this style imposes is even getting rid of items you are 50%-50% percent sure you might need. In prioritizes the bare necessities and that makes for order and peace of mind.

In the light of those points, uncluttering would be the first step towards implementing this concept into your home. Keeping the walls plain white would be the next move along with investing in candles and items in dark gray or black colour that must have another function beyond adding to the aesthetic appeal.

The above mentioned changes would cost you next to nothing and that could leave room to splurge on a few more important items, such as furniture pieces. You could, for instance, redesign your dining area by investing in a table, chairs and a wooden bench made from solid timber, such as oak. The purpose of the wooden bench in this case (instead of just getting 6 chairs or more) it to ensure that there are more sleek and clean lines without sacrificing sitting space.

Finally, what renders the Scandinavian design a checkmate approach is the fact that it’s built upon the power of three: beauty, simplicity and necessity. Sounds like a pretty great combo to me!