Reasons to Equip Your Car With Some Gear Before You Go Camping

A lot of people that have never gone camping or that are just planning to go for the first time don’t actually know how little equipment they need. Aside from the tents and warm clothes, there are only a few more items that would be classified as absolutely essential, whereas the rest depend on personal preference. However, while they overpack in terms of what they need, a lot of people usually neglect to bring some of the more important 4wd accessories which can really be much more useful than a lot of other devices they might think to take along.


One of these items is the ratchet strap which can sometimes be essential in actually letting you get to the camping site. If you are having some trouble fitting all of your camping gear in the trunk and even the inside of your car is so filled with items that it’s just about ready to burst, that’s when the ratchet strap can come in handy. This item allows you to easily secure all of your gear to the roof or trunk of your vehicle and ensure that it will all be in the same place when you arrive at your destination. Most of them are also equipped with easy-release locks that can really be a great help when you try to free your luggage after you get to the site.

Next up on the roster of “underrated 4wd accessories perfect for camping”, we have the recovery tracks and all of the benefits that they can bring you on less than ideal roads. The function of the recovery tracks is to provide your vehicle’s tires with a bit of traction if they are ever stuck on a exceedingly slippery track covered in mud, snow, or anything else that might bog it down. They are usually large enough to be compatible with tires of any width and durable enough to reliably support anything from a light hatchback to a tank. They are also made out of some pretty tough material in order to make them as durable as possible, meaning that you don’t have to spare them since they can take quite a bit of punishment.

The last thing that you might want to take along with you on your trip is a tire repair kit. First of all – yes that is a pretty obvious choice and you should always have one in your car anyway. However, a lot of people neglect it simply because they think they can get by fine without it. The thing is, a lot of the time if there is a gas station even relatively close by, you can just run over and get everything you need to patch the tire up. The problem is that when you are going to a camping site, there really aren’t many stations nearby, so if your tire blows, you’re just stuck there. There really is no reason to take such a risk when the repair kits aren’t expensive and can fit just about anywhere.