Reasons to Consider Sit-Standing Work Desks

Managers are slowly starting to realise that even though money is the biggest reason for high employee turnover rates, company culture and overall employee happiness come pretty close. Something that many office workers struggle with after having a sedentary job for a while is neck, shoulder and back problems. If you’re a manager who wants to keep your valuable employees and reduce turnover rates while increasing employee productivity, happiness, and health, you might want to consider implementing sit-standing desks into your workspace.

sit stand desk

This might be a difficult decision to make at first as it will affect dozens, maybe even hundreds of people, and you will need to make sure that this new implementation of a variety of sit stand desk models runs smoothly. Moreover, you will need to justify this investment, take care of the setup, coordinate delivery, and train employees how to properly use their own sit stand desk. However, there’s no denying that these pieces of office furniture can be incredibly beneficial to your business and your employees. Here are the top 3 reasons for investing in them.

Sit-Stand Desks Promote Healthy Habits
They say sitting is the new smoking for some very good reasons. Millions of people experience rapid health declines due to leading a sedentary lifestyle. Obesity is at an all-time high, cardiovascular diseases are running rampant, and people working sedentary jobs generally feel worse at the end of the day unless they exercise. Plus, sit-standing desks may help reduce sick days, because your employees will be healthier and happier overall. That being said, if sitting is killing you, standing up from time to time is obviously saving you. Sit-standing desks have been clinically proven to improve health, reduce the risk of disease, and increase physical activity.

Boosts Productivity
As aforementioned, sit-standing desks can greatly boost your employee’s productivity. An employee who feels appreciated and well-taken care of is more productive than an employee who feels like the company doesn’t care about him/her. Moreover, the fact that the employees will be in a better mood due to the health benefits of sit-standing desks will help them perform better.

Sit-Stand Desks Are Versatile
But what if your employees get tired of standing and want to sit down? Well, that’s the great thing about sit-stand desks – they can be easily transformed from a standing desk into a sitting one, and vice-versa. Nowadays, there are many electric desks that you can adjust with the push of a button. Even if the models you’re looking at don’t have an electric motor, they’re usually easy to adjust to the desired position.