Reasons to convert to LPG


Have you ever thought about LPG conversion? Due to numerous LPG advances, liquefied petroleum gas is becoming increasingly popular and growing number of car owners are doing LPG conversion. Aside frombeing corrosive and free of lead, LPG is controlled to ensure consistent quality and best car performance under all driving conditions. Here are few reasons why others believe it is a good time to take advantage of LPG advances.

Majority of people are willing to pay for LPG conversion in order to reduce monthly fuel bills. And if we consider the turbulent financial climate and always changing petrol prices, LPG conversion is a smart solution. It will save you money in the long run since liquefied petroleum gas is almost half the price compared to petroleum.

Another deciding factor is environmental concern. With LPG, emissions from your car will be less harmful, which means you will contribute to making this world greener. LPG produces 25% less Nitrogen Oxides and 20% less Carbon Dioxide, both which affect ozone and contribute towards global warming. LPG conversion is a kinder on your engine too. The engine is much quieter and more efficient and it can be serviced as usual.

In addition, LPG conversion will take you further when traveling. When you convert from petrol to LPG, your original fuel system is not removed. Your car can run on both petrol and LPG. This means that you can fill your car with both types of fuel and travel further.

We think that these are enough good reasons to consider converting your car to LPG. There are many car service shops which offer LPG conversion. Make sure you select a reputable one. Do a little research online and read other people’s reviews, comments and how satisfied they are with LPG conversion. Make sure you go over all your options and carefully consider all LPG pros and cons before deciding to convert from petrol to LPG.