Reasons For Keeping Your Restaurant Clean

Reasons For Keeping Your Restaurant Clean

If you own a restaurant and strive towards being the best in the area or even state, aside from tasteful dishes, highly trained staff and high quality ingredients, cleanliness in your restaurant should always be on a satisfactory level. To increase revenues, secure returning customers and acquire new ones, proper maintenance of restaurant and equipment such as ovens, kitchenware, refrigerators, grills, coffee, ice and ice cream equipment, etc. is a must.

You must follow certain health codes and keep your restaurants spotless not only to ensure popularity, but to avoid jeopardizing the health of the guest and employees. Otherwise, aside from gaining bad reputation, you may be faced with high sanitary tickets and may even loose your business. Here are few major reasons why you should keep your restaurant clean.

  • Health Of Your Guests And Employees

The cleanliness of your restaurant may affect the health of your guests and employees as well. If your kitchen is dirty and kitchenware, prep tables and appliances are not cleaned regularly, harmful bacteria may develop and contaminate food. And food contaminated with bacteria is a recipe for food poisoning. You surely do not want this. Therefore, make sure you train your staff to properly clean all the equipment, especially the ones for storing and preparing drinks and food such as refrigerators, coffee machines, ice cream equipment, etc.

  • Improve First Impression

First impression always counts. When people enter a restaurant, the first thing they notice are floors, windows, bar area, restrooms, table cloths, uniforms of the employees, etc. Therefore, to leave a lasting first impression, make sure your restaurant is super clean, including hard-to-reach corners. This is especially true for bar and kitchen area, restrooms and floors. It is recommended, aside from regular daily care routine, to hire professional when it comes to cleaning the upholstery of the chairs, accent rugs (if any), wooden or tile floors. If you have tile floors, pay special attention to the tile grout. However, with so many accidents which involve spilled dark drinks and various sauces, it is hard to keep the grout looking clean. That is why you should hire professional tile grout cleaning company that have the expertise and the equipment to match any job.

  • Prolong The Life Of Your Equipment

Well maintained equipment lasts longer. To avoid extra cost of frequently investing in new appliances, clean all your restaurant equipment regularly. This does not only apply to plates, forks, glasses, pans, etc. but to every item that is used to prepare or store food such as ice cream equipment, blenders, cutting boards, countertops, grills, etc.

  • Increase positive reviews

If your guests are satisfied with your food, service, the look and cleanness, be sure that they will recommend your restaurant to their friends, co-workers and family. Speedy service and cleanliness are on the top of the list of some people when it comes to rating restaurants. In fact, recent polls show that over 85% of people think maintenance is important, so make sure your restaurant is always super clean.