Reasons To Choose Loose Lay Vinyl Flooring


Are you tired of constantly cleaning your floor and not seeing any results? If this is your situation and want to change it, then it’s time to change your existing floors with something durable, trendy, but easy to maintain. Loose lay vinyl flooring is the perfect solution for your needs. The only thing you need in order to maintain your new loose lay vinyl flooring is soapy warm water and a cleaning mop. Loose lay vinyl flooring is easy to instal as well. It is installed without adhesive. Simply said, it is not glued down, so you can remove it whenever you want.

Generally speaking, with loose lay vinyl flooring you will save a lot of time and money spent on useless cleaning solutions in order to ensure perfectly clean floors. The other great thing about loose lay vinyl flooring is that you can install it in about hour or two since there is no gluing, so you will not have to wait several days to enjoy your new flooring. Loose lay vinyl flooring offers softer feeling and a more stylish and elegant appearance. Loose lay vinyl types of flooring have sheets that help them lay flat, giving them insulation value, which makes them easier to walk on.

Vinyl planks are usually about 1cm thick, which is as thick as laminate flooring. The hefty construction of loose lay vinyl flooring allows for textured designs that look like real tile and wood. Loose lay vinyl products are designed for easy installation, so you can additionally save on contractors fees by installing the floor yourself. The only needed tools for installing loose lay vinyl flooring are glass tac tape, an embossing leveler and a seam coating kit.

Another great reason why you should choose loose lay vinyl flooring is that it can be installed over many substrates that are not ideal for fully glued products like chipboard, particleboard, flakeboard or lightweight concrete. Loose lay vinyl flooring method only allows one leading seam and permits the material to be rolled back in order to correct any possible problem.