Reasons To Buy Fast Network Cable

Fast Network Cable

Years ago, virtual reality was something that only existed in science fiction movies, but today it is becoming our reality. We do everything online – we date online, socialize online, shop online, watch movies online, read online, work online, learn and study online, and so on. The list seems to be endless. We love the convenience of using the Internet anywhere we go, in the coffee shops, hotels, mall, airports and any other place where we can find a free Wireless hotspot. Although the wired technology is old, thanks to the technological innovations, the wired Ethernet technology has significantly improved. It is becoming a great way to get online. Thus, it is smart to invest in fast network cable. Here are few more reasons why the fast network cable is being more used, despite the fact that the wireless technology is getting all the publicity.

Low Cost – While all new tablets and laptops have adapters for using wireless network, the older models and even some desktop computers do not have these adapters in their configuration. This means that if you want to add a wireless network to your desktop, laptop or tablet you need to buy and instal specialized wireless adapter which is not that cheap. But there is an alternative you can use in your advantage – fast network cable. Compared with the wireless adapter, the fast network cable is cheaper and can even buy it in bulk rolls. You can purchase a 300 meters roll of fast network cable for about the same price as the adapter.

Security – The Ethernet fast network cable will definitely provide you with high level of security. Wireless network connections give you an option to use passwords in order to protect the network connection between your router and other computers in your home or company. A knowledgeable and experienced hacker will infiltrate your network connection very easily in just few minutes or even seconds. However, to infiltrate into your cabling network connection, a hacker will need a cable access to the router or an access to your service provider, which is very hard to accomplish.

Less Downtime – The wireless connection often creates various connectivity problems. If you use a wireless connection away from the router, then you may experience week or lost signal problems. This is another great reason to rely on high quality fast network cable. This connection via fast network cable is reliable and you will not experience dropped signals, unless someone cuts the cable. Also, if you use wired Ethernet connection you will definitely have less downtime.