Reasons NOT to Buy Wine in a Supermarket

Since ancient times, we are all familiar with the role of wine. Enjoying wine is often associated with enjoying life. There is no event that goes unaccompanied by the taste of this divine drink. While it was first primarily used mainly mixed with water as a safer option than plain contaminated water, it quickly became the essential drink of every household and the life of every party. Special accent was even placed on the production of wine, and ancient peoples were very much aware of how the whole process goes and how to store it.

In the past decades, wine tasting started growing into some sort of a science of its own with many wine contests happening worldwide to find the quality wine everyone should be after. However, with so many tastes and so many different palates, it is impossible to rely on an expert’s opinion to choose your own wine. More often than not, people overspend on wine or buy it from supermarkets simply because it is a fast option. Supermarkets are not always the best way to go though, if you want to get wine that your palate finds exquisite, and here are a few reasons backing this.


The first reason people buy wine from supermarkets is the convenient price. However, a great discount does not always indicate a great deal. You will find many wine offers that seem ideal or too good to be true (which is usually the case), but the price you get to pay is not a deal price as you believe. If you visit the supermarket some time later you would see the same wine costing much less so you actually pay more than the wine’s worth.

If you do your own research, you will be able to find online wine special deals that are more to your liking. You get to do all this from the comfort of your home, and still find the ideal wine because with the right warehouse, you get to see the exact quality, read all about the wines for sale and get the right wine. While in supermarkets you tend to overlook some wines due to the large quantities that surround you, online you can check them all one by one carefully and then make your decision.

Though everyone is familiar with “wines age well”, supermarket wines you buy at a discount will turn out to be a waste of money if you intend to store them for special occasions and open them 10 years later only to find out you have to throw them away. Keeping such wine longer will not improve its taste. Also, you do not have much choice with buying wines on a bulk if you consider the quality, basically you are left with supermarket wines as your best bet in getting value for the money you spend on a bottle.

With online wine special deals this is not the case. You get to pick from a huge selection of wines based on their price and the region they come from. You do not have to necessarily choose French wine to know you have chosen quality, but you can also get the same from nearby regions. For instance, you cannot go wrong with the Barossa Valley Estate Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre if it is rich fruit taste you are after.

Once you have found your wine, you have to remember moderation is key.