Reasons for having roadworthy certificate

Roadworthy certificate is required when selling a car or when you need to re-register a used car. The roadworthy certificate, nowadays, is also required if you want to clear a defect notice issued by a police officer or an Vic Roads officer. These are main reasons why you should have this certificate.

To get the roadworthy certificate Victoria you must follow a safety roadworthy inspection to assure potential car buyers that your car is in a good condition. The roadworthy inspection checks and ensures that the most important parts of the car are in good condition and that the car is safe on the road.


This inspection usually checks and covers the most important parts of the car like: tires, wheels, braking system, seat, belts, lamps, windscreen, signals, washers, front windscreen wipers and other windows, reflectors, damage, engine and other parts. If you need a complete check on your car you should request and ask for individual separate report like the ones offered by RACV or other workshops.

You can obtain roadworthy certificate by a licensed car tester, but firstly the car must be checked by the roadworthy inspection for the certificate to be issued. During the vehicle inspection, if there are some problem or if a certain part of the car is not working like it should be, you will not be able to obtain certificate. You will be given 7 days to repair the problem and return again for vehicle inspection. In case you don’t come back in the given period, you will be required to repeat the whole inspection.

The roadworthy certificate cost is not fixed. It depends on the type of the vehicle, age and condition and lasts 30 days from the date of use. Before buying a used car, people are advised to get an individual complete inspection on the overall vehicle condition.