Natural Shampoo: The Reasons to Make the Switch

A woman knows part of her attractiveness comes from the choice of outfits she makes and the other half depending on features like confidence and smile. It’s important to note, not always but sometimes we tend to forget the role of hair in this aspect, more so having in mind it’s one of the features men find most attractive about us, not just the length but the health specifically, falling for the natural shine.

Even if you’re not trying to impress a guy and win him over with your beauty, your hair a part of you, it represents you and your identity which is why it’s such an important feature. As it happens, though, not many of us are blessed with the perfect hair that makes heads turn.

washing hair with natural shampoo

Still, thanks to how advanced our world has become, it’s easy to find varieties of quality natural shampoo on the market, be it hydrating or oil balancing, made to be of help for this purpose: make your hair shiny and healthy! Yes, it’s never been easier or more affordable to ditch the chemicals and reap more of nature’s benefits in your day to day life.

Go ahead, make the switch!

How many times have you ended up with irritation and dry skin from chemical-based shampoos? You may not have thought of making the switch as something among your priorities however as soon as you do, you’ll thank yourself, and most importantly, you’ll love your hair.

Commercial shampoos we have at our disposal everywhere are full of chemicals responsible not only for damaging your hair but also for your scalp and skin in general, more so with regular use given that skin absorbs the substances it comes into contact with.

natural shampoo

If you don’t want this anymore, and you care about your health and beauty, it’s time to wave the chemicals goodbye and opt for organic products instead. What’s great is the fact they’ve become much more available and affordable than before, and we also owe it to the rising eco-awareness considering such products are much better for the environment as well.

Not only are the natural shampoo alternatives rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants due to the natural ingredients like the various oils, from seed and peel to leaf oil extracted from various fruits and plants, they’re also free from sulfates, silicones and harsh chemicals known to dry the skin, stripping its essential natural oils.

Best of all is they’re versatile too, much like the commercial shampoos, so you have the chance to find the right one for your hair, no matter whether it’s normal, dry or oily. Along with keeping your hair perfect and clean, the aforementioned ingredients make this kind of shampoos ideal for preventing hair fall thanks to providing all the needed nourishment, and they have anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties essential for preventing any scalp irritations from infections.

chemical free shampoos

Pay attention!

Of course, now that sustainability has become much more than a trend, you’d come across a vast range of chemical-free shampoos so it’s important to learn how to check, being aware many of them aren’t actually chemical-free despite the labels; this is why it’s necessary to thoroughly look through the ingredients and distinguish the natural from the toxic.

This tendency to sell products as “green” even when they aren’t has become known as greenwashing, so try not to fall for it. One way of doing this is by finding trustworthy brands and buying your shampoos and crèmes from them, that is as soon as you’ve made sure the ingredients indicate truly natural shampoo.

The difference in opting for this alternative, other than being healthier for you and the environment, you won’t get the lather result same way you do with commercial shampoos because of the lack of foaming agents. Who needs bubbles anyway?

Additionally, it’s also crucial to carefully read the instructions on the shampoo you buy before you get to use it so as to know how to rinse and how much of it you should use, i.e. once or twice per wash, to get the needed outcome.


Give yourself time.

It may take some time for your hair to get used to this change, after all the toxic ingredients you’ve been treating it with, but it won’t take long for you to feel the difference. In case you aren’t satisfied with a certain choice, you could always try out other products – this way you’d know which one is the right for you.

A word of advice if your hair feels oily when washing the first time is to rinse thoroughly to get all the shampoo off. Don’t be surprised if you end up with a hair with more volume and growth, that’s what natural shampoos can do for you!

Buy your shampoo and get ready to see some heads turning!