Lazing Away in the Sun: Reasons Your Pup Needs an Outdoor Pet Bed

Dogs are loving and affectionate pets that form strong bonds with their owners. Pet parents generally want the best and nothing less for their fur babies, which can often mean the dog gets the best seat in the house or shares a bed with their human. But is this really the best for doggos?

Canines like to snooze a lot, like 12 to 14 hours a day a lot. That means they need a suitable environment where they feel safe and comfortable, so they can get that much-needed, uninterrupted shut-eye. Indoors or in a kennel, pups should have their own beds, especially if they spend more time outside the house.

Reasons Your Pup Needs an Outdoor Pet Bed


It doesn’t matter if the kennel is the primary abode of your pet, or they just like to laze away in the backyard by your side, buying a high-quality outdoor pet bed should be included in your to-do list for several reasons.

First, outdoor dog beds create a sense of safety and security for your pet, so they can feel at ease and comfortable while resting. Having their own space puts them in charge of their own environment. This can reduce levels of stress and anxiety, especially in dogs that exhibit territorial behaviours.

As you already know, our canine friends aren’t usually big on sharing, so they guard their most valuable possessions like toys, treats, food, and sweet spots. If you don’t want Fido to make your lounger his own, then you better invest in an outdoor dog lounger.

Then, while kennels establish secure enclosures, outdoor beds make them more humane and considerate, providing an added layer of softness and ergonomic support. Laying on hard surfaces isn’t necessarily uncomfortable for your pet, but it can lead to the formation of callouses, fur discolouration and other problems.

Next, choosing a padded bed for outdoor use will ensure your pal is nice and toasty during the chillier months, but it’ll also protect them from the hot concrete in the summer. Waterproof beds with high sides will provide additional protection from drought, wind and rain.

Another great reason why you should consider getting an outside dog bed is that it makes it easier to keep flea and tick infestations at bay. If your pet sleeps in the grass, there’s a higher chance of contact with these pests.

What’s in It for You as a Pet Owner

Fewer cleaning! If you want to keep those paws off your new outdoor seater, you should provide your pets with an equally comfy arrangement of their own. If they don’t want to leave your side, you can place them next to your lounging setting.

Then, you know how excited dogs can get when your expecting company. An outdoor pet bed can give you more control when you’re entertaining guests on your next BBQ jam. Place their bed nearby so you can keep an eye on the little rascals and throw in their favourite toy to keep them busy.

If that stops working once the BBQ aromas fill the air, you can always move the bed somewhere else without disrupting the well-established, familiar environment.

How to Choose an Outdoor Dog Bed


There’s a wide choice of pet beds on the market, but not all of them are suitable for your pet. The size, shape and material are some of the important things you need to consider before making a purchase.

Since the material can affect the comfort, maintenance and durability of the bed, you need to make an informed choice. So what is the best bedding for outdoor dog kennels? One of the time-proven fabrics used for pet bed covers is polyester because it’s both, easy to clean and strong enough to stand up to the elements.

As for the filling, it’s usually some sort of foam that provides softness and structural support. When choosing your bed, ensure that the filling is planet-friendly and free from any potentially toxic chemicals that can harm your pet if ripped open and swallowed.

Size-wise, you need to ensure that your pooch has enough space to comfortably lie, toss, turn and stretch. There are various sizes available in pet stores, from teeny tiny to extra large, to suit both small pups, medium doggos, and gentle giants.

When it comes to the shape, many people wonder whether dogs prefer circle or square beds. It all depends on the breed and character of your pup. For instance, a large dog who likes to fully stretch out and reach for those Zs may like a flat, rectangular bed the best. But a pup that feels at ease curled up into a ball, may prefer a nest-style bed with raised sides.

Finishing Thoughts


Something as simple as a dog bed can make a big difference in terms of your pet’s well-being and happiness. And if you’re just in the process of adopting a dog, make sure to include this item on your list of essentials. With that being said, you can now hit your local pet store or explore online to find the ideal bedding solution for your four-legged pal.