Improve Workflow and Worker Safety – Reasons to Use Drum Lifters

If you’re running a business that requires storing, moving, and pouring of drums, the right pieces of equipment can make a huge difference in your bottom line. Using the right drum handling equipment will also help improve worker safety and the overall workflow. Here’s how.


The biggest reason why facilities make use of a drum lifter is the level of safety it offers. Using one doesn’t require you to lift a heavy and potentially hazardous drum, thus decreasing the chances of an accident. Some drum lifters offer additional protection which includes a clamp that goes around the drum in order to seal it with the help of an eccentric lock.


More Efficient

Since you are going to be using heavy machinery to lift heavy loads, you won’t have to struggle and waste time getting it from one to another side of the facility. With a drum lifter, you and your workers will be more productive and won’t have to put in so much effort which will increase the level of efficiency and contribute to a higher production rate. There are some lifters that allow the user to rotate the drum vertically, either fully or partially, which enables you to empty out a drum without doing so manually.


Since lifting a standard 55-gallon drum manually is not child’s play – having equipment that will carry out all the work for you is going to simplify the whole process. Your standard drum lifter has a clamp that connects it to the top of the drum and there are others that even make use of a side clamp in order to get a hold of the drum the same way you would hold a bottle. Some drum lifters can fit two drums side by side with the help of a special double-drum lift. All you need to do with drum lifter is clamp the drum on, lift it, leave it where you need to and release the clamp.

Better Fit

If you are working with plastic drums, there are special lifters that are designed to carry them without causing any damage. These include a special type of cradles which can also be used on other lifters in case they are not available for use. These cradles often times come with a chain to help keep the plastic drum in place. You may think that you won’t need a lifter for these drums but once they’re full – they can be very heavy despite being made from plastic.