Home Away from Home: Reasons to Use Pet Boarding Services

There comes a time when you, as a pet owner, will have to take a trip out of town and your biggest concern will be what to do with your best friend. Will it do better left behind or should it come with you? When it’s only a short stay, the smart decision will be to simply let a family member or friend pet-sit for you. However, when a vacation or business trip ends up taking more than a week, it might be difficult to find a reliable person willing to take care of your pet for so long. And what’s more, the separation itself can leave both you and your pet feeling anxious and worried.

pet boarding services

For this very reason, some pet owners make the bold decision to actually take their furry friends with them. But staying over at a different city with a pet can be inconvenient, and in some cases impossible due to restrictions in hotels, rentals, holiday cottages and other means of temporary housing. So, how do we find an alternative that is as much good for them as it is for us? Luckily, in an animal friendly country such as Australia, it’s easy to find pet boarding services in every large city eager to open up the doors for your furry friend.

Professional pet boarding services can provide a warm and safe home for your beloved animal and treat it with the love and respect it deserves. So, even if you are too busy on your trip to properly look after your pet, feed it and give it any necessary medication on time, at the boarding facility the animal will be 24/7 supervised. Besides meeting the basic needs of animals, the facility will also provide other services like playtime, walking, grooming, massages and other activities designed to make the animal feel comfortable and happy. This will give you a peace of mind your pet is properly taken care of, while you accomplish other stuff. Of course, you’re always free to pay your friend a visit and enjoy some quality time together.

If your pet has any medical condition you are worried about, check whether the boarding facility offers any veterinary services. Many facilities have a designated veterinarian on call whom they contact in case of illness or emergencies. If your pet is on any medications, inform the staff and give them detailed instructions about dosage. Always ask how the facility manages sick animals.