Add Beauty & Functionality to Your Kitchen Island with Quality Chairs

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and islands give kitchens their heart. While some people decide not to add one, the ones that do have it know how useful it is. The kitchen island provides ample surface area, and can also function as spot for your guests to chill when you’re working in your kitchen. Plus, if your home is an open floor plan, an island can separate the kitchen from the rest of the home in absence of walls.


In the pursuit of more space, having a separate dining room is starting to become an outdated thing. Today, the kitchen is the gathering spot, with the kitchen island spontaneously assuming the role of the dining room table. What this means is that you should strive to achieve an inviting atmosphere, and selecting comfortable and stylish stools and chairs should be the first order of business.

Similarly to dining room seating, kitchen island stools and chairs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. They can be incredibly elaborate with upholstered seats and sculptural backs and legs, or charmingly paired-down. As with any purchasing decision relating to your kitchen, the key is to find a set that will complement the overall style and design of the space. If you’re a fan of the French provincial kitchen, a set of crossback high chairs that have a distressed look and rustic features such as cast iron rivets can blend perfectly with the look.

Stools And Chairs

Other vintage and traditional designs include the Hans Wegner bar stool, Thonet’s classic bentwood chair, and the popular French bistro high chairs. All these chairs, despite having vintage features, work well in a variety of different settings. Their only downside is that their seats are immovable. If you have an open floor plan where the kitchen is fused with the living room, having a swivel chair will allow people to feel like they are at both places in the same time. But be careful, swivel chairs do not look appropriate in rustic and provincial design themes and are mostly reserved for contemporary kitchens.

Generally, there are two ways you can match seating with the kitchen island. You can either settle for uniformity by choosing stools and chairs in a similar colour with the island that will discretely recede into it, or opt for contrast. For instance, sinuous chairs with curved backs can soften the rough features of a bulky, rectangular island and serve as a great visual statement. But all things considered, remember that comfort is king. If you spend a great deal in the kitchen, lounge-worthy seating will benefit you the most. Pay attention to upholstering, and choose a padded or soft seat if possible.