Goodbye Sun Glare, Goodbye Heat: Reasons to Install Magnetic Car Window Shades

Whether you’re a travelling enthusiast who’s caravanning and exploring regularly, or you’re commuting around the city on daily basis, we’re sure that you know how annoying it is to constantly get blinded by the glaring sun or get your skin in touch with the burning-hot seat when you kept your car parked out of shade. And as much as pair of high-quality sunglasses or a car sun visor can be of some help, many people in the past decade would simply go for a set of magnetic vehicle window shades. 

Tempted to upgrade your vehicle with magnetic car window shades? Or haven’t even heard about this specific type? Whatever the case, let’s learn a couple of things about them.

Why Do I Need Magnetic Car Window Shades?

magnetic car window shade

The popularity of magnetic sunscreen shades for car windows has truly skyrocketed in the past couple of years. And it’s not surprising at all, considering how convenient and easy to use they are and the range of benefits they offer for every vehicle owner.

Starting from their installation, you won’t need any types of brackets for mounting them on your vehicle’s windows, nor will you need to drill or cut to fit them. Instead, these shades have special magnets stitched into the frame of the shade that will get attached to the window sills easily and firmly. Once they’re installed, you can feel free to roll your windows up and down halfway while the vehicle is in motion or open them entirely when the car is parked. 

As much as they’re very easy to install and convenient to use, magnetic vehicle window sun shades will allow you to reap a bunch of other benefits. For instance, these shades are designed to block and reflect the sun, meaning they help lower the buildup of excessive heat inside your vehicle. Hence, keeping the direct sunlight away from your car won’t only prevent you from burning yourself once you touch your seatbelt, steering wheel and gear shifter, but you’ll also protect your car interior from fading, cracking and warping too soon.

Except for protecting you and your car interior from the dangerous UV lights, keep in mind that electronics such as car stereos, CD players and different types of infotainment can also get damaged by excess sun buildup. On top of that, many newer cars feature digital touch screens that are particularly vulnerable to external influences such as excessive heat and being exposed to direct sun. On the other hand, with the magnetic screens blocking the direct sunlight and preventing the heat buildup, you can rest assured that your vehicle’s electronics will stay protected maximally.

And last, but not least, one of the best things about magnetic auto window sun shades is that they’re very successful in deterring “crimes of opportunity”, as the potential robbers won’t be able to see inside as easily. This doesn’t only contribute to keeping your belongings and the vehicle itself safe, but you can also have some privacy when you need to stay in your car while being parked.

How to Choose the Best Magnetic Sun Shades for Your Vehicle?

magnetic car window shade

If you decided to explore the wide range of magnetic vehicle window shades on the market, keep in mind that not all of them are equally created. In fact, there’re a couple of factors you’d need to consider before making your purchase. 

For instance, most of the magnetic automotive window shades you’ll stumble upon while exploring will be made of synthetic materials such as polyester. Hence, polyester makes for an excellent material for disrupting the dangerous UV light, as dark-coloured fabrics have been shown to have UPF values of 30+. 

However, UPF 30+ is not considered great protection, as UV lights tend to degrade such materials over time. For this purpose, many manufacturers tend to reinforce their shades so they can acquire a higher UV resistance rating. Hence, make sure you carefully read the label, and look for magnetic window shades that are Government-facility (ARPANSA) tested for UVA and UVB protection, and can block at least 70% of the UVA and UVB rays. 

On the other hand, have in mind that car window shades aren’t a one-size-fits-all, but they come in a bunch of different shapes and sizes, according to the specific car model- from the larger models for your Toyota Landcruiser or BMW X to the smaller ones for your Nissan or different sedans. So, make sure you know the exact model, before deciding to invest. Also, make sure you skip all the “universal” models you’ll find, as not a car features the same front and rear windows dimensions.

Finally, if you’re not skilled in installing your magnetic window shades, there’re a lot of sellers that will offer professional installation at their workshops. If you still want to try to install them on your own but need professional assistance, you can always request an instruction booklet along with the shades, or ask for installation support by e-mailing or calling the manufacturer you chose.

Magnetic sun shades for car windows are a must-have, especially for the long sun-blasting season in our land. And now that you know how you can benefit and how to choose the perfect set, it’s time to wrap up your sleeves and throw yourself to searching for the perfect model. We’re sure that you and your passengers will love them.