Decorating Kid’s Room: Create a Place for Your Children to Dream and Play

Children grow up really fast and while there are many reasons to build a kid’s capsule wardrobe and tips to help you do it with a limited amount of clothes when it comes to the kid’s room, you also want to find a practical solution and create a room that will grow with them.

Decorating your child’s bedroom should be a joyous and fun experience, but can also be a challenging one. Whether you are starting from scratch or looking for ways to improve an existing space, here are a few ideas that may help you strike a balance between practicality and aesthetics and create a space that they will love both now and for years to come.

Kids Room Wallpaper


Adding graphics is one of the top decorating tips for making your kids’ room look adorable. That being said, choosing wallpaper for kids bedroom is one of the easiest and most effective solutions. Wallpapers used to be some of the most famous treatments for walls in the past and thanks to the advanced development of printing and manufacturing processes, they are gaining their popularity back.

With any kids’ room, regardless of their age, it’s a good idea to focus on bright colours that make the space feel more welcoming and engaging. The great thing about wallpapers is that you can peel them off in minutes and put up a new design that will meet your kids’ tastes and preferences.

You can choose from a variety of design techniques and install wallpapers on all four walls or create a single feature wall. Also, you can mix and match wallpapers and create a unique effect that can be an excellent solution, especially if two or more kids share the room. If the tastes between them differ, work to incorporate different colours and patterns and make the space feel perfect for everyone.

To encourage their growing minds, go with an educational wallpaper for kids bedroom and choose from a wide range of different options, from the alphabet to whimsical fairy tales. To inspire creativity, you can choose a wallpaper that defies reality and if you want to create a sense of safety, you can opt for designs featuring sleeping animals.

Be sure to get them in on the project and it can easily turn into a fun and bonding experience between you and your kids. Let the kids have a word in the final wallpaper choice as it can make them feel involved in the process and may help them connect with their room design better. Also, it can help you guide them away from a style they might not like as much in a few months.

Kids Rugs


In a kids’ room, you need a rug that can withstand heavy wear and tear, but softness is important as well since kids spend a lot of time on the floor colouring, playing games, enjoying their favourite snacks or rolling around cheerfully. Kids room rugs are not just for decoration, but they can be an important factor in adding cosiness to your kids’ space and transforming it from average to coordinated instantly.

Also, they are often the best way to add warmth and colour to the room and if carefully chosen, the rug can have a positive impact on your child’s cognitive and psychomotor development. There is a variety of designs you can choose from, including educational elements, playful patterns, shapes, numbers, tracks for driving cars along and games that will keep kids active and stimulated during their playtime.

Besides being practical, the rug you choose should complement the look and feel you want to achieve in the room. You can find a wide range of kids room rugs and select the one that matches the style and colour scheme of the furniture and the wallpaper. If the room has a neutral theme, you can go with a colourfully patterned rug, but if the room is filled with many different patterns and colours, then a bold rug with moderate patterns and hues can bring balance and tie all the elements together.

We all know that some of the most common issues with taking care of kids are stains and spills, therefore you want to choose a high quality and durable rug that is easy to clean and maintain. Some of the best materials are wool, jute, cotton, polyester and nylon.

Selecting the right rug size is an important factor as well. A small decorative rug in the middle of the room can easily become a focal point in a small room, but if you are working with a large room, make sure the rug you choose doesn’t cover too much space, so it won’t take the shine out of the entire area.

Kids Room Storage Solution


When it comes to making the most of your kids’ room, you need a smart storage solution. Open shelves are a great choice as they can help you display various décor pieces in the room, yet keep them out of reach of younger children. They don’t take up much space and allow you to get creative with their placement, so you can stack them up in various arrangements that will add interest to the walls.

In the end, make sure to leave enough room to change the décor to a scheme that is more age-appropriate. The easiest way to achieve this is to save some extra space to add on more storage or move in a bigger bed when the time comes.