Chicago Bulls Merch: Reasons Why You Need to Make the Fiery Bull Part of Your Wardrobe

Basketball and fashion—a tight bond that goes way back, reaching its pinnacle sometime in the ’90s. And since ’90s trends are making a comeback, this fusion of hoops and style is once again all the rage. Deeply rooted in urban culture, basketball is to blame for some of the streetwear staples you know and love today, from jerseys and graphic tees to snapbacks and shoes. But there’s one particular colourway that’s undoubtedly the most sought-after year after year.

The red, black, and white – a combination uniting millions of basketball and streetwear fans worldwide. And, of course, that one iconic mascot you recognize even in your sleep – Benny the Bull. It can’t be said that the Chicago Bulls are making a comeback because they’ve never left the scene. Although the Bulls haven’t won a championship since 1998, their popularity is still at an all-time high as seen in media, stores, and fashion shows.

Legends on the Hardwood and Streets


Why is the Chicago Bulls so famous? Because it’s associated with the greatest to ever do it. Michael Jordan and his two-time three-peat team. A team that won the hearts of millions around the globe and left a legacy that continues to inspire. What’s more interesting, apart from being NBA legends, the team has become somewhat of a fashion phenomenon with Bulls clothing showing up in Asia, Europe, and Australia.

From Paris to Hong Kong and beyond, the fiery merch has popped up on the backs of trendsetters and celebrities worldwide. Not just the jersey itself, but also Bulls snapbacks, bucket hats, socks and other accessories that put the love for the game, team and ’90s aesthetic front and centre for everyone to see.

If you hit your local streetwear or sportswear store, you’ll come across various time-loved and ever-popular Bulls clothing pieces guaranteed to make you want to spend your bottom dollar. And let me tell you, it’s 100% worth it. Need a special reason? Here are 23. Okay, that would’ve been awesome, but there are only 10, take it or leave it!

Because You’re a Die Hard Fan of the Chicago Bulls


Nothing lasts forever, except your love for the Chicago Bulls. That’s why a Bulls t shirt or jersey is a must-have item in your wardrobe. Yes, authentic jerseys can set you back a few big ones, but you can also rep your team colours in a swingman edition. What is a swingman jersey, you ask? It’s a fan replica jersey that closely mimics what the pros wore on the court. If you’re not one for splurging, an officially licensed tee is also a great way of showing where your allegiance lies.

Because You’re Obsessed with the Last Dance

What time is it? Game time! The well-known catchphrase has made its way back into our lives with the Last Dance documentary miniseries. The miniseries may revolve around Jordan and his team members, but it also teaches valuable life lessons about leadership, confidence, self-improvement and team spirit.

If you’ve watched the show, binge-watched, that is, chances are that buying Bulls merch feels more tempting than ever, regardless of whether you’ve been their fan or loved basketball before. And that’s completely fine—cop that Bulls hat as your daily reminder that hard work pays off. Or in the words of Jordan himself, “If you do the work, you get rewarded. There are no shortcuts in life.”

Because Space Jam Is Your Warm-and-Fuzzy

Another critically acclaimed masterpiece starring Michael Jordan, but this time it hits right in the feels by throwing you back in 1996. Picture this; you’re at your parents’ house, it’s warm, it’s cosy, and Space Jam is on about to rock your world. Seeing Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny working together? Priceless. Remember how badly you wanted an MJ jersey back then? Well, now, with adult money in your pocket, nothing is stopping you.

Because Michael Jordan Is Your Inspiration


Michael Jordan’s legacy is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. He’s the embodiment of dedication, discipline and success with the wisdom to learn from failure, or in his own words, the “ability to turn a negative situation into a positive situation”. His ever-burning strive to push beyond the limits motivates many on the path to success, not just athletes but people of all backgrounds and abilities. If Air Jordan is your guiding spirit too, that’s one solid reason you should be repping 23 on your outfit.

Because You’re Loyal to the Game

Bulls fan or not, Benny is a must-have part of any basketball collection. After all, it’s one of the greatest NBA teams of all time with six championships won between 1991 and 1998 with two three-peats. And that’s something worth honouring. Whether a tee, hoodie, jersey, hat, poster or Funko Pop, you can easily find the missing piece of your NBA puzzle online or in stores Australia-wide.

Because You’re a ’90s Legend


Every now and then, you’ll see Benny the Bull in shop windows and think of simpler times when the world was ruled by Tamagotchis, Discmans, FUBU, and of course, the Chicago Bulls. So, it’s natural that you’d want to celebrate the good times with some ’90s-inspired outfits featuring your fav team. And hey, who can blame you; ’90s wear, NBA jerseys included, has never looked so stylish.

Because You’re a Streetwear Aficionado

It goes without saying that if you’re sporting street-style threads, your wardrobe needs at least one piece of Bulls apparel. You can steal the show in a bold graphic tee, serve looks in a fresh pair of Air Jordans, or add fiery flair to your outfit with an old-school snapback—either way, the distinct colourway is bound to turn heads.

Because It’s Super Comfortable

They may be super stylish and regularly find their place on the pages of fashion magazines like Vogue and GQ, but let’s not forget that Bulls clothes are essentially sportswear that’s extremely comfortable. Inspired by what athletes wear, officially licensed Bulls apparel is designed and manufactured by great brands like Nike, Mitchell & Ness and New Era, to name a few.

With a wide range of soft, breathable, and easy-wearing tees, jerseys, shorts and sweatpants to choose from, you can build quite a nice wardrobe, perfect for both shooting hoops and enjoying the game from the comfort of your sofa. Which leads us to the next point.

Because You Can Wear It Almost Everywhere

Court, courtside, out and about, or cuddled up in front of the TV—you can style NBA jerseys and tees to suit almost any occasion. I mean Beyonce did it; a couple of times, actually. And, of course, who can forget when former US president Barack Obama was proudly waving his Chicago Bulls hat at a campaign event?

Because All the Cool Kids Are Wearing It

Oh, you like the Bulls? Name three of their albums! Chuckles Hey, if you’re eye-balling a certain red-black piece of fan gear, but you aren’t quite big on the game itself, don’t let the impostor syndrome stand in the way of you living your best life. After all, it’s not just about the game. It’s about the story, the culture, and the movement that brings us together. And that deserves to be celebrated by everyone, yourself included.