Bring the Outdoors In With Tropical Wallpaper


Source: Decoist

It’s recommended to spend at least two hours a week in nature, but not many of us have that luxury. Leading busy lives, a lot of us can’t seem to find the time to take a break and head out. Good news is, you don’t have to physically be in the wilderness to take advantage of its destressing, calming capabilities; Being surrounded by scenes of nature and natural elements in your home can have a very similar effect!

With the rise of awareness and appreciation of the environment, and in light of countless scientific studies that provide proof of all the benefits nature has for our mental and physical health, decorating your home following the nature theme seems like a great idea for both you and your living space.

To achieve this, you need to introduce some elements that come out of nature herself – wooden furniture with a natural finish, lots of plants to green up the space, natural materials for your linens and rugs, and so on. But before you start thinking of details, you need to decide what to do with the base for each room. When we say base, we mean the walls. In the spirit of the nature theme, which is all about sustainability, durability, and being eco-friendly, wallpaper is the obvious choice. So, as the main ingredient in this nature-themed home recipe, we’d recommend using tropical home wallpaper!

How to Use Tropical Wallpaper in Your Home



But, are wallpapers worth it? They are known to be pricier than paint, so should you really invest in them? Despite the price tag, there are many great reasons to choose wallpaper over paint. Available in a variety of designs, wallpapers essentially turn your whole wall into an art piece, surrounding you with a pattern or image that fills the space and gives it dimension. They’re also much more durable than paint while being easier to apply.

One of the many great things about tropical wallpapers is their potential for creative, inventive use. Bursting with colour and vibrance, they can seem a bit tricky to apply, but that’s actually not the case! Before we dive into the hows, though, it’s important to mention that quality-made, durable wallpaper is the best option. From palm trees and bamboo wallpaper to seaside scenes and ones depicting wildlife, there are countless variations of tropical wallpaper Australia retailers offer. Depending on what you need, choose the one that suits you best and use it to create a soothing, calming atmosphere in your home.

Here’s how!

Cover All the Walls


Source: Decoist

One of the ways to use these wallpapers is to cover all the walls in a room with them. This is the old-school way of using wallpaper. Drawing inspiration from luxe homes of the past, covering all walls in wallpaper leaves space for minimal, clean-cut, wooden or metal furniture to fit in nicely. It’s a great way to mix the natural with minimalist or contemporary decor styles, creating an interesting, unique union.

Applying wallpaper on all walls in a room renders big, additional wall decorations obsolete. Of course, things like mirrors with thin frames, simple lamps, chairs and linens in a colour that matches the wallpaper, rugs, and similar decor are always welcome. It may be vibrant, but it still leaves you with plenty of room to add to the space and create a personal favourite.

For this option, we’d recommend using wallpapers with a tropical theme that are somewhat subdued, i.e. not too detailed or dark. By using brightly-coloured wallpapers featuring a simple design, you avoid closing up the space and making it feel smaller and cramped.

Cover Two or Three Walls



It’s a known rule in the interior design world – covering only two or three walls with paint or wallpaper can do wonders for how the space ends up looking. Depending on what you want to achieve, choosing the right walls to cover is key.

For example, if you want to narrow a room down, cover the right and left walls, leaving the ceiling and remaining walls either white or some other suitable, bright colour. If you’d like to enlarge a room, cover the sidewalls and the wall opposite the door. Even covering the ceiling has its perks in certain situations!

By implementing these basic interior design rules and using tropical wallpaper in the process, you get to play around with the space, bring in that natural detail, and have plenty of room left over to add furniture of your choice and other decor details to round the room up!

For this option, the wallpaper you should use depends on the number of walls you’re covering. If it’s just two, anything is fair game. When we’re moving up to three, though, you need to be a bit more careful, as to leave the space open and inviting.

Accentuate One Wall



Using tropical wallpapers to accentuate is one of the simplest ways to a fresh, innovative room design. Keeping in mind the rules we mentioned above, pick a wall or portion of a wall and apply your wallpaper.

This is a great way of using wallpaper as it can be combined with paint for a more interesting effect. You can choose a wallpaper of any design and match it with a colour that you like. Make sure your paint is of high quality and will not crack or peel off. Match it with the wallpaper design you’ve chosen and you’ve got yourself a room that’s both trendy and beautiful.

The accentuating method is very popular lately, finding use in both residential and commercial settings. Fitting every decor design, not just natural, it’s versatile and effective. It’s also the option that leaves the stage open for furniture of various kinds.

Since you have an accent wall, everything else should follow its lead, but you can add more diverse furnishings and details. Remember to stick to the nature theme though! It’s not just the walls that make the style so refreshing, everything else has a part to play, too!

To sum up, wallpapers are in the spotlight once again, and tropical wallpapers are a great idea to mimic nature’s best and bring it into your home, creating a relaxing space everywhere. Spending time in spaces with natural elements can improve your mood and overall mental health, make you feel calmer, and form a calming, inviting home. There are a lot of retailers stocking tropical wallpaper Australia, so finding something that will work for you will be easy.

Always keep in mind the materials you use and their quality, and don’t forget to have fun implementing this theme into your home! After all, it’s all about creating rooms you’ll love to spend your days in!