4 Reasons to Own an Automatic Pool Cleaner

Nothing can replace the feeling when enjoying a hot summer day in the pool with your favourite drink in your hand, but in order for your pool to be available in a top-notch condition, maintenance is obviously needed. If you are someone who doesn’t want to be bothered with this side of the story getting an automatic pool cleaner is something that will fit your needs well. Some benefits they offer are obvious but there are also some underlying ones that the majority of pool owners aren’t aware of. Here are some that have been a deciding factor for a lot of consumers.

pool auto vacuum cleaner


The level of efficiency that you will get from these bad boys is something worth considering since they can prevent a build-up of debris and even clean any crevices found in walls, steps or the floor. A pool auto vacuum cleaner will help you save energy since they are going to work on their own without requiring you to plug them on and off as most pool cleaners do.

This reduces the use of energy because there is no power surge taking place since you are not constantly powering one on. Algae, twigs and leaves are just some of the particles automatic pool cleaners are able to clean regardless of their size or volume. They are also able to clean the exact same pool way faster than a conventional pool cleaner – a typical 3-hour cleaning process can be reduced down to 45 minutes with an automatic cleaner.


A great benefit of a pool auto vacuum cleaner is that you can remove it with ease whenever you want to use your pool. Cleaning one is also made to save you time since you only need to take out the filter bag (only when full) empty it and then put it back in place. The installation part of automatic pool cleaners is also hassle-free and you are able to install one both in a new or existing pool.

Added Features

There are models that are self-programmable and have the option to navigate the pool on their own without giving them any instructions beforehand. You can even remotely control one from the convenience of your home.

Cost Effective

When you put into account, the features they offer and the capabilities they come with, automatic pool cleaners are actually fairly inexpensive. Not only is it easy to use and clean one, but it is also pretty easy to find the one that will match your needs. There’s a solid number of variable features to choose from, without making it overwhelming for the average consumer.