The Zero Waste Club – Reasons Why You Should Use Plastic Free Products

Can you imagine a world without plastic? Is it so hard to live in an eco-friendly environment? At the moment, one of the biggest threats to Mother Earth is the trillions of pieces of plastic, contributing to a disastrous impact not only on humans but also on the environment, flora and fauna included! So, no one is spared, thanks (unfortunately) to us! The good thing is, we still have time to save what we can.

One of the ways to do that would be to change our lifestyles to plastic-free. Just think about it, plastic products have immersed so deeply in our everyday lives that it is getting hard to exclude them. But as the old proverb goes: If there is a will, there’s a way. Read below about why you should and how you can stick with the resolution of using plastic-free products. Just to clarify things – even if you can’t go completely plastic-free, you can still try to use less plastic and that’s already a huge step forward.

Why should you opt for plastic free products?

plastic free products

For the sake of the environment

Thanks to the toxic pollutants that can be found in it, plastics play a huge role in the land, water, and air pollution. It can be found absolutely everywhere around us, and even up to the Mount Everest. Thanks to our habit to directly throw our garbage into the nearest river, the level of the plastic debris in the world’s oceans is increasing as well. According to the latest research, in the guts of more than 90% of the world’s sea birds and in the stomach of more than half of the world’s sea turtles, is found plastic trash. The life of whales is also under threat.

For your own sake

BPA, which stands for “bisphenol A” is an industrial chemical which is a common substance in epoxy resins and some types of plastic. These chemicals are known as an endocrine disrupting compound which can easily disrupt normal hormone functions in the body. Some research has proven that BPA can leak into beverages or food if the containers are made from BPA. The possible negative health effects of these chemicals to the brain, infants, and children are a reason for serious concern. In addition, BPA can lead also to increased blood pressure. These days, BPA-containing plastics can be found in reusable water bottles, grocery receipts, sippy cups, plastic plates, etc.

plastic free products 2

For the sake of your own wallet

Let’s be honest, it’s true that most plastic items last forever. But on the other hand, chances are, you will also throw away the plastic water bottles that you’ve bought today in the supermarket. So, instead of buying a plastic bottle every day, why don’t you opt for a reusable stainless steel or glass water bottle that you can use for years and refill it anytime you need to? Plus, you will definitely save money in the long run!

Tips to go Plastic Free

In order to reduce the amount of plastic household waste, we suggest you switch to bar soaps and non-bottled beauty products. In most cases, these plastic free products contain natural and even vegan ingredients, making your hair soft and shiny and leaving your skin fresh. Cutting down the chemical products regarding cosmetics will truly benefit not only the environment but also your skin. Advantage: these types of natural products without harmful chemicals won’t pollute the wastewater either.

Another small but significant advice would be to change your plastic toothbrush with a bamboo one. Since their first appearance in the 1930s, the number of produced, used and thrown away toothbrushes is getting bigger and bigger. Now, can you imagine that almost every single toothbrush made since then, is still out there, lying on a beach or maybe at the bottom of an ocean because of its indestructible features? Bamboo toothbrushes, on the other hand, are an eco-friendly and a much more sustainable option.