What To Consider To Get The Right Sofa Bed For You

Having people over is one of the more enjoyable and intimate ways of socialization, be it with family or friends. Now, if they are to stay for the night, things might get slightly uncomfortable if you can’t offer them a decent place to sleep. Unless you can offer them your own bed and sleep on a couch yourself, here is where a sofa bed can offer a saving grace.

sofa bed

A sofa is a great edition to every home and can be an invaluable piece of furniture when it comes to versatility, comfort and functionality. However, even though today’s sofa bed models offer both comfort and convenience, there are certain things you should consider to get the right piece for you.

    • Size – Since sofa beds come in multiple sizes, you have the freedom to be selective. Just make sure it fits the space. Measure the height and width of the room (and the doorway, stairs or elevators for that matter) to be sure you can actually fit the sofa into your living room, home office or guest room.

    • Quality and convenient of the opening and closing mechanisms – Opening and folding away a sofa should be smooth and easy. You want something with minimal effort yet strong.

    • Mattress quality – Probably the most important thing to take into consideration when deciding on your next sofa bed purchase. Take into account the same qualities you’ve considered when you bought the mattress for your bedroom. The most important thing was for it to be comfortable right? Same goes for sofa beds.

    • Test it on the spot – If you can, don’t hesitate to sit on it for a few minutes (that’s what you are most likely going to use it for). Also, lie down and try various sleeping positions as this will help you judge the sturdiness of the opening and closing mechanism. A few moments of awkwardness are going to be insignificant when it comes to the money spent.

    • Style/Look – Last but not least, the right style can make or break the look of the room. Starting with fabric (cotton blend, canvas, leather or microfiber), colour (natural tones or something more flamboyant), the overall design and construction, whether it has legs or not – you want the sofa to blend with the décor of your room. All of this is very important when it comes down to the final decision.

So if you’re looking to buy a brand new sofa, consider these pieces of advice. Not only will they help you make the right purchase, but will also make you a smart shopper.