Up for a Magic Yoga Ride? – These Mats Are on Your Side

To mat, or not to mat: that is not the question. Which kind of mat to use as to take arms against the sea of daily struggles – this is what puzzles every padawan and yoga master.

Every yoga mat manufacturer has different goals which are mirrored in their choice of material and certain additional features. Perhaps, if not for sure, there isn’t one perfect choice to fit them all – it all depends on what resonates best with the body and mindset of a particular person. It is true that there are many different types of yoga mats Au yogis can choose from, however, if we are to speak only of truly substantial differences, they mainly fall into the following three categories.

Yoga Mats Au

Cushion Your Om

Sometimes you need an extra push, sometimes you need extra plush. For those of you that have been tempted to try a pose or two on the bed, an extra dense, cushioned mat can perfectly fill the gap that ordinary mats can’t. All yoga mat manufacturers aim to create non-slippery surfaces, but it seems as if mats that have cushioned backs exceed at that. With this thick and dense mat, you will feel like the material has your back (well, in this case, more like your feet) and you won’t get the wobbles during, let’s say, your favorite warrior pose. In order to offer superior comfort and sophistication, cushioned yoga mats Au yogis prefer feature a firm foam side and velvety, lump-less polyurethane side. Apart from helping you achieve more balance, these these mats will support your neck and back, especially when mastering the candle pose. When it comes to lifting the lower part of the body, many people seek additional support in yoga cushion or bolsters, but this mat will have you covered.

Open Your Chakras With Clear Conscience

We practice yoga to gain personal balance, however, many experienced yogis and spiritual teachers claim that the vibration stretches far beyond ourselves. This means that the quality of your session will largely depend on your environment. The mat you’re using does not only constitute a part of your environment, but it’s that one thing that touches your body. Since yoga is not only physical, but mind body and soul practice, one is naturally drawn to believe in the theory of vibrational energy of all animate and inanimate objects. Contrary to popular belief, this is not some spiritual mumbo jumbo, but scientifically supported fact. Everything is comprised of atoms and atoms are in constant state of vibration. Natural elements hold higher frequency – therefore they are better for you. Bottom line, if you are equally concerned about the balance in the natural environment as you are for yourself, you should get a natural rubber yoga mat. These yoga mats have a natural rubber smell you can expect to fade in time, however, the benefits of using such mat – won’t.

Grip & Go

Easy grip mats are the most popular type. They are lightweight, affordable, easy to roll up and usually last for a long time. They are made from durable polymer and feature a sticky surface. Although these are really easy to carry around, since they are quite affordable, many people decide to also buy a yoga mat bag right away. However, bare in mind that in order to achieve some of the more demanding poses, you might need assistance or extra support, with yoga blocks, cushions or bolsters.