Top Reasons Why Propane Forklifts Are Better Than Electric

The forklifts are highly efficient machines which are used for moving and lifting heavy loads in warehouses or production facilities. Since there are different forklift models on the market, you need to find the right machine for your application. Generally, the forklifts are classified by the engine type: electrical forklifts and fuel powered forklifts. The forklifts that use fuel may be powered by gas, diesel or propane.


In order to buy the right forklift, you need to determine the load weight and length, the environment and the operation costs. A good forklifts Brisbane supplier can help you choose the right forklift model depending on your requirements. Most warehouses in Australia use propane powered forklifts instead of electric. This is because the propane forklifts offer more advantages and benefits. The main reasons why businesses opt for propane forklifts are the following ones:

  • Cost Effective – For all businesses, the cost is very important consideration. The propane forklift trucks offer cost effective solution for your warehouse application. They are considered as highly efficient machines that can complete any material handling task with low operating costs. Furthermore, they have lower maintaining costs when compared to the gasoline or diesel powered forklifts.
  • More Power – If you need more power to complete your job, then look for a propane forklift form your forklifts Brisbane supplier. This forklift truck offers more powerful and efficient performance. It has the capability to push heavy loads faster up and down, and to work for longer periods.
  • Low Maintenance – When it comes to maintaining your forklift, you should always look for a model that doesn’t require special maintenance and service. The propane forklift trucks are machines that offer just that.
  • Versatile – Versatility is another benefit that is provided by the propane forklifts, since they can be used either for outdoor or indoor applications. Their cylinders can be moved and stored almost anywhere within your work site. This is perhaps the biggest reason why you should look for a propane forklift at your local forklifts Brisbane supplier.
  • Safety –In case of any unexpected accident, the forklift has a special system which turns the machine off automatically. This way, the machine ensures high level of safety not just for the operator, but for other employees that are nearby as well.
  • Fast and Simple Refueling – When speaking about the refueling process, all you have to do is to remove the empty cylinder and replace it with a full one. Completing this task will take you no more than 5 minutes.
  • Green – Unlike the gasoline and diesel, the propane is clean-burning and non-toxic fuel that is safe for outdoor and indoor use.

For more information, contact your local forklifts Brisbane supplier.