Top Reasons To Choose Optic Fibre Products

Optic Fibre Products

We are living in a world with many different gadgets available on the market, and the optic fibre products play very essential role by offering error free data networking and transmission services to various communicative sectors. These products contain one or more optical fibres and each fibre is individually covered with plastic layers. There are various types of fibre optic products and every product is used for certain application. The fibre optic cables are one of the fastest growing transmission mediums for upgrades and new cabling installations, including desktop, horizontal and backbone applications. Here are some of the top reasons why rely your data networking on fibre optic products.

Greater Bandwidth – Optic fibre cables offer standard performance up to 10 Gbps, which means that they provide greater bandwidth. Keep in mind that the speed of the optic fibre products depends on the type of the fibre cable that is used. For example, singe-mode cable offers greater bandwidth, and also the fibre cables can carry more information with greater fidelity when compared with the copper wire. This is one of the many reasons why the CATV and the telephone companies are turning more to optic fibre products.

Greater Distance And Low Attenuation – During the transmission, the signal is strong and data can be transferred at greater distances and with higher speeds. Today the fibre optic cables have distance limitation which can vary from 300 meters to even 40 kilometers, depending on the network, wavelength and the style of the cable.

Security – With optic fibre products your data is safe. It is very difficult to tap and it does not radiate signals. When the optic cable is tapped, it is easy to monitor because the fibre cable leaks light, causing the whole system to fail. Fibre networks enable you to put your hardware and all electronics in one central location, instead of having a wiring closets throughout the whole building.

Reliability And Immunity – Fibre optic products provide very reliable data transmission. It is totally immune to different environmental factors that usually affect the copper wires. Because the core is made of glass, there is no electric current. It is immune to radio frequency and electrometric interference, impedance problems, crosstalk and other network problems. Also, the fire cables are less susceptible to temperature and can be submerged in water.

Design – Optic fibre products are thin, durable and lightweight. Plus, the optic fibre cables have pulling specifications that are up to 10 times greater when compared with the copper wires. Because they are small in size, they are easier to handle and also require less space. Although fibre is more difficult to terminate, the recent advancements are making the termination process easier.

Migration – The lower costs and proliferation of media conversion are making the copper to optic fibre migration much easier. The conversion offers seamless links and allows usage of existing hardware. Fibre cables can also be integrated into networks in planned upgrades.

Cost – The price of the fibre optic products, cables, other components and hardware is constantly dropping down. The installation costs are higher when compared with the installation of cooper wires, but is definitely a worthy investment that can save you a lot in the long run. Fibre cables generally require less maintenance, have less downtime and require less networking hardware.