The Ultimate Guide to Preserving Your Tesla Model Y’s Interior with Custom Floor Mats

If you’re like many Aussies and have bitten the EV bullet, chances are you have a brand-spanking new Tesla Model Y in the driveway. This was the second best-selling car for 2022, and beat many popular cars and brands, signalling that Aussies aren’t shy to ditch their petrol or diesel dinosaurs of yesteryear. The Model Y is still a well-behaved and capable SUV, and much of its appeal is the low price and rich standard kit. You get a lot for your money, but there are a few basic things missing, just like in all cars.

Car accessories like floor mats and seat covers might not be the first thing on shopping lists once you sign the dotted line, But soon afterwards you’ll discover just how effective they are in keeping your car clean, free from spills, and any crumbs you pick up after those nights out and the visit to drive-thrus. They’re also good in day-to-day driving and avoid the seat fabric and floors accumulating all sorts of nasties while taking the kids to school, the pets to the vet, or doing the weekly grocery shopping.

Tesla might be a new brand, but there are ways to pick up a decent set of aftermarket Tesla Model Y floor mats on the cheap without skimping on quality or fit. Mind, you’ll also find matching boot and frunk liners in the same durable materials and dimensions so everything lines up just perfectly with the rest of the car.

Choosing the Right Floor Mats


When buying, there are a few things to look out for:


Buyers can choose between carpet, rubber or vinyl mats. Each performs differently in terms of durability, how they deal with water and spills, and how easy they are to clean. Materials also determine safety, as you’ll be looking for non-slip and textured surfaces, especially up front.

Carpet Mats

These are often made of soft-touch synthetics, mostly a combination of nylon or polyester and other fabrics and can be had in various designs and colours, so easily match the rest of the car in the looks department. Custom Tesla mats may have the brand logo and a few interesting design features like contrast stitching to add a bit of detail. While they’re undeniably more stylish, carpet mats have some downsides – they’re not particularly durable, and will pick up scratches or tears quicker and can fade when exposed to sunlight for longer. In addition, carpet mats underperform in handling liquids and spills, meaning they soon get damp (and uncomfortable), and can have liquids spilling over to other areas. Moreover, they take a bit more effort to clean, since vacuuming and deep cleaning only often get rid of surface dust or grime, and remnants can lead to unpleasant odours in the long term.

Rubber Floor Mats

Mats in rubber are a popular option for anyone looking for high durability. The heavy-duty material can withstand more abuse from different types of footwear and hold its own against bad weather. Grooves and channels retain water and other liquids and prevent them from spilling over, and being waterproof means these are some of the easiest Tesla Model Y floor mats to keep spotless regardless of where you’re driving or what you have in the car. Dust and debris don’t penetrate the surface and mats just need a good wiping down with a clean cloth. The only thing of note in terms of cons is the limited range of colours, but black or grey variants still suit the minimalist interior of the Model Y anyway.



These are a bit cheaper than rubber floor mats, but still tough and be had in different colours. They work well against chemicals, have the same non-slip textured surface, and variant sin XPE polymers do a stellar job against dust, dirt, mud and water. The mats are also easy to clean, can be pressure washed, and are quick to dry.

Sizing and Fit

Getting mats are that custom designed to fit the floor wells of the Model Y is just common sense. They’ll be better at picking up more dirt, water and dust and have the added benefit of staying in place. Universal mats may be cheaper but they come with too many compromises that just aren’t worth the savings. They’ll be either too big or too small, leaving more stains and more likely to wobble around. And they can be an eyesore that just spoils the whole look of the car’s interior. Also have in mind that for Australia, you’ll specifically want right-hand drive versions, as they differ in the designs, shapes and sizes on the driver’s side.

Choosing Boot and Frunk Liners

Mats are sold on their own, in front or rear pairs, or complete sets. You can also get matching Model Y boot liners in the same durable materials to keep luggage spaces clean as well. Here too look for products that match the exact dimensions of the boot and front storage compartment for the best fit and easy maintenance. Shop for mats, liners and other Tesla accessories at dedicated stores or online.