The Most Popular Nike Dunk Models to Buy in 2023

The Nike Dunk, a classic silhouette that has transcended generations, continues to be a fashion icon in 2023. Originally designed for basketball performance, it has evolved into a streetwear staple and a must-have item for sneaker enthusiasts worldwide. With countless colourways and collaborations, it’s no wonder that choosing the right pair can be overwhelming.

The Nike Dunk “Panda”

The Nike Dunk “Panda,” has gained immense popularity due to its distinctive and eye-catching design. This sneaker features a clean and striking colour scheme that resembles the iconic black-and-white colouring of a panda bear. Its predominantly white leather upper is complemented by bold black accents on the Swoosh, laces, and outsole. Here’s why it’s so popular:

What’s more, the Nike Dunk Panda has a timeless design, making it easy to pair with a wide range of outfits. It can be dressed up or down, making it suitable for various occasions. Plus, pandas hold cultural significance as symbols of conservation and environmental awareness, which adds an extra layer of meaning to the sneaker for some wearers.

The limited releases and collaborations often generate hype and demand, and the Nike Dunk Panda has been released in limited quantities, contributing to its popularity among collectors and resellers. 


Nike Dunk Low “Spartan Green”

Starting our list is a nod to the iconic “Spartan Green” colourway, which was originally released in 1985. This model features a white leather upper, contrasted by the striking green overlays on the heel, Swoosh, and outsole. The clean and classic design of the Dunk Low “Spartan Green” makes it a versatile choice for any outfit, whether you’re going for a casual look or dressing up for a special occasion.

Nike Dunk Low “Black/White”

The timeless combination of black and white never goes out of style, and the Nike Dunk Low “Black/White” is a perfect example of this enduring appeal. With a predominantly black leather upper and white accents on the Swoosh, laces, and midsole, this sneaker offers a sleek and versatile option for everyday wear. Its simplicity and versatility make it a must-have addition to any sneaker collection.

Nike Dunk Low “UNLV”

The Nike Dunk Low “UNLV” pays homage to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, with its vibrant colour scheme. Featuring a red leather upper, grey overlays, and a white midsole, this model is a bold statement piece that captures attention wherever you go. The “UNLV” Dunk Low is a striking addition to your sneaker rotation and a conversation starter for sneakerheads and basketball fans alike.


Nike Dunk Low “Pine Green”

The Nike Dunk Low “Pine Green” is another classic that’s making waves in 2023. Its rich green and white colour scheme exudes retro vibes and a timeless appeal. With a predominantly green leather upper and crisp white accents, this sneaker is both versatile and eye-catching. It’s a great choice for those who want to add a touch of nostalgia to their sneaker collection.

Nike Dunk Low “University Red”

Red sneakers always make a statement, and the Nike Dunk Low “University Red” is no exception. Featuring a bold red leather upper, white midsole, and black accents on the Swoosh and laces, this model combines style and substance. It’s a head-turning choice that adds a pop of colour to your outfit and showcases your sneaker enthusiasm.

Nike Dunk Low “Chunky Dunky”

For those who love unique and artistic sneakers, the Nike Dunk Low “Chunky Dunky” is a masterpiece. This collaboration with ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s features a whimsical design inspired by the “Chunky Monkey” flavour. With a colourful cow-print upper, dripping Swoosh, and a playful Ben & Jerry’s logo on the heel, this sneaker is a work of art for your feet. It’s a must-have for collectors and a symbol of creativity in sneaker culture.


Nike Dunk High “Michigan”

The Nike Dunk High “Michigan” is a nod to the University of Michigan’s iconic colours. With a combination of navy blue and yellow leather on the upper, this high-top model offers a bold and classic look. The Dunk High silhouette provides ankle support and a distinctive retro feel. Whether you’re a Michigan fan or simply appreciate the vibrant hue scheme, this sneaker is a standout choice.

Nike Dunk Low “Bordeaux”

The Nike Dunk Low “Bordeaux” showcases a sophisticated palette that combines burgundy, white, and grey. Its premium suede upper exudes luxury and style, making it an excellent choice for fashion-conscious sneaker enthusiasts. The “Bordeaux” Dunk Low is a versatile option that can be dressed up or down, allowing you to make a fashion statement wherever you go.

Nike Dunk High “Vast Grey”

If you’re a fan of muted and understated sneakers, the Nike Dunk High “Vast Grey” is a perfect choice. With predominantly grey leather upper and white accents, this high-top model offers a clean and minimalist look. Its simplicity makes it easy to pair with various outfits, making it a versatile addition to your collection.


Nike Dunk Low “Acid Wash Denim”

For a unique and edgy twist on the classic Dunk, consider the Nike Dunk Low “Acid Wash Denim.” This model features a denim-like upper with acid-wash patterns, giving it a vintage and worn-in aesthetic. It’s a statement piece that adds a touch of rebellion to your sneaker rotation, making it an exciting choice for trendsetters and fashion-forward individuals.

The bottom line is, that the Nike Dunk continues to dominate the sneaker scene in 2023, offering a wide range of models and hues to cater to every style and preference. From classic and timeless designs like the “Black/White” and “Spartan Green” to bold and unique collaborations such as the “Chunky Dunky,” there’s a Nike Dunk for everyone. With its rich history and enduring popularity, the Nike Dunk is here to stay as a symbol of sneaker culture and a fashion icon.