The Low-Down on Hydration: Reasons to Drink Water While Exercising

Have you ever wondered how some people manage to look great and be self-confident about themselves, regardless of their age? Well, the secret isn’t only in regular exercising, taking sports nutrition supplements and keeping tabs on what you eat throughout the day. In fact, none of this would be possible unless you don’t give your body the sufficient amount of water it needs, especially while performing physical activities.

If you’re wondering why is it important to drink water while you’re exercising, here are all the benefits you’ll reap and tips on how to succeed in your mission.


Staying Hydrated is Crucial

Around 60% of the human’s body is water, and it plays a vital role in every bodily function. However, the truth is that while you’re exercising, you lose a lot of body fluid as you sweat and breathe- around a litre or two in an hour. Therefore, it’s very important to drink water so you prevent your body from dehydration.

Being dehydrated while you’re exercising will affect your energy levels and your performance- you won’t be able to reach your targets and goals, you’ll start feeling fatigued quickly and you won’t be able to control your body temperature.

The amount of water your body needs while exercising depends on a couple of factors. For instance, the environment where you work out will affect your body’s water needs, as it’s normal to sweat more in hot and humid conditions. Your body size and fitness levels are also one of the main determinants of how much fluid your body loses while being active.


The best way to know when to take a sip of water is to respond to what your body tells you. One of the main indicators that your body needs fluid is feeling thirsty, so make sure you drink to prevent getting dehydrated and reach your exercising goals with ease.

Choosing a Reusable Water Bottle to Motivate You to Drink Up

The most convenient way to keep your body hydrated while running, exercising at home or spending time at the gym is a reusable water bottle. These bottles are a way better option than hitting the vending machine each time you arrive at the gym- they’re healthier for both, you and the environment and help you spare a lot of money in the long run. So, the next time you shop for sports accessories, make sure you don’t skip the reusable water bottles section.

But truth be told, not all the reusable water bottles you’ll come across on your shopping journey are equally made. In fact, the material the bottle is made of plays a huge role.


Plastic Water Bottles

When it comes to materials, most sports accessories shops offer plastic reusable water bottles. And as much as many people are opposed to sipping water from plastic, the truth is that there are different types of this material, and not all of them are harmful to your health.

BPA free plastic is the safest option, as it won’t leach any harmful substances into the water you consume. These bottles are also better for the environment, as fewer toxins and fossil fuels are released into the atmosphere during the manufacturing process, making them with a smaller carbon footprint than the other types.

Except for being completely safe for you and the environment, reusable plastic bottles are very lightweight and won’t shatter or break if you accidentally drop them. This makes them the perfect choice for exercising in the gym or crowded places where somebody can get injured.

Aluminium Water Bottles

Except for plastic ones, aluminium water bottles also made a huge buzz among exercisers worldwide. And it’s no wonder at all, considering all the benefits you’ll reap of this type of bottle.

In fact, aluminium is one of the safest options for your and the environment’s well being if you choose one that is free from BPA substances. This is due to aluminium containing 3x more recycled content than any other beverage counter. In other words, by sipping your daily dose of water from an aluminium reusable water, you’re contributing to fewer landfills in our environment.


On top of that, aluminium has excellent temperature regulating properties, meaning it’ll keep your water cold and crisp, regardless of how long you keep it in your bottle.

How Water Helps Lose Weight?

Still not convinced to hit your favourite fitness accessories shop and get a reusable water bottle for your exercising sessions? Well, make sure you do so, since keeping your body hydrated while working out will also help you lose weight much easier.

If you’re wondering how sipping water while exercising will help you lose weight, it’s because water enhances the fat burning process in your body. More specifically, water helps your liver to function efficiently while it breaks down and burns fat.

However, the burnt fat molecules will turn into a waste product known as fatty ketones. If not removed from your body, these ketones will start accumulating and become toxic, which will additionally slow down the fat-burning process. By drinking the recommended dose of water, you’ll help your body flush the ketones out, detox and get ready for burning even more fats.


Can’t Drink Plain Water? Natural Water Enhancers Are Your Ally

There’re many people that don’t favour the plain taste of water, but this doesn’t make for an excuse to skip hydrating your body while you’re exercising. In fact, the market nowadays offers a plethora of different natural water enhancers to help you reach your water consumption target.

In fact, natural water enhancers are basically different flavours that are supposed to make drinking water more “colourful and fun”. Such enhancers typically come in a liquid form of drops that are sweetened with natural ingredients such as stevia and feature different fruity flavours.

If drinking water with a hint of lemon doesn’t seem that fun, natural water enhancers also come in a plethora of mixed fruit flavours. This way, you can enjoy all your favourite flavours without compensating for the amount of water you consume. Refreshing raspberry lemonade, a mixture of different berries and sweet strawberry kiwi tastes are just part of the huge range of flavours you can enjoy.


However, encouraging you to drink more water by making it exceptionally tasty is not the only reason to get natural water flavour drops. In fact, these natural drop enhancers are often packed with a bunch of different vitamins such as B and C as well as mineral salts that are great to boost your immune system. On top of that, all-natural water enhancers contain zero calories, saturated and trans fats, cholesterol, sugar, artificial colours and sweeteners which makes them ultimately healthy for everyone aiming to lose weight and consume the recommended daily dose of water.

Besides encouraging you to drink your water, natural water flavour drops are the perfect replacement for unhealthy sodas. With such a tasty, green flavour, and feel-good ingredients, you won’t even be tempted to reach for artificial juices, sodas and all the unhealthy beverages we consume on daily basis. This makes natural water drops perfect to enjoy your favourite fruity flavours not only while you’re exercising, but throughout the entire day without feeling guilty or worrying about the long-term effects on your health.