Staying in the Know: Reasons to Use Power Drills

Being able to operate on rechargeable batteries, cordless drills enable the user to snap in a battery pack and enjoy the needed drill power without having to drag around a power cord. They are the go-to choice for many household projects, however, they can also make the most damage. For that reason, make sure to know the basics of a power drill as well as how it is most commonly used before doing anything with it. We’re here to make sure you get it right. Let’s get started.

Use Power Drills

The power drill is basically a screwdriver that has been bitten by a radioactive spider. It gives you the option to attach “bits” to it in order to match the screw that you are working on, as well as to attach “drill bits” so that you can drill holes. And while these pieces of equipment have various applications, naturally, some uses are more popular than others.

  • Replacing the screwdriver – the top use of the cordless power drills Australia experts claim, is assembling and attaching. With the help of a screw bit, you can position a screw at the end of the bit and insert it in the project quickly. With the flip of a switch, this tool can also rotate counterclockwise, which makes it a great tool for installing and removing screws.
  • Hole saw – Cordless power drills Australia made products also have the double duty of a saw for cutting out holes for sink faucets, doorknobs, drains as well as other similar round holes. Hole-saw bits come in different sizes and they are attached to the cordless drill which enables the tool to cut out a nice and perfectly shaped round circle.
  • Pilot holes – In cases when you need to insert screws into wood that might split, a cordless drill that has a bit which is one size smaller than your screw’s diameter, can help you drill a pilot hole before you insert the screw. This use is very beneficial in finish carpentry because even a very small split could have a negative impact on the quality of the item. The thing is, the screw digs into the wood and thus separates the grain as it has a tendency to split the wood, especially if the screw is large. For that reason, it is recommendable that you drill a pilot hole first and then insert the screw, in order to minimise wood splits.
  • Concrete – There is a special type of cordless drill which is used for driving bolts into concrete – the cordless hammer drill. This type, along with the strong rotating action of the drill, also incorporates a slight vibration. It is most commonly used for bolting down pieces of outdoor furniture to concrete as well as for installing all kinds of screws into concrete.