Spot LED Lighting Decorating Ideas as Reasons to Get Lighting Makeover

LED spot lighting2

When was the last time you considered lighting during a home makeover? Usually, lighting isn’t that much of a part of the whole decorating equation, because we often think we’d get striking outcome if we change the furniture, throw in some paintings and art pieces, and maybe include the walls by giving them wallpaper or paint freshening up. I didn’t give lighting the consideration it deserves because I used to think I had the right lighting fixtures and that was about it, I’d keep them as long as they’re functioning. But this was until groundbreaking changes in the bulbs started happening on a large scale and made bulbs other than incandescent affordable.

The lighting trend that’s still sweeping people off their feet with the durability, choice of cool and warm colours, as well as energy efficiency is anything and everything to do with LEDs. Looking through the vast possibilities, I found the charming and multi-purpose spot LED lighting. Who would’ve thought I’d end up making it part of every corner of my living nest. If you haven’t yet made up your mind about it, and your interior could do with a bit of change, then let my decorating ideas be your reasons to welcome this lighting option home.

LED spot lighting1

Creating a warm and inviting atmosphere has never been easier. Just adding spot LED lighting under the coffee table glass and behind the sofa itself can amp up the cosiness. It’s up to you to decide on the tone you want to have. For instance, I needed to get more intimacy, so I went for darker hues, but I also keep the lighting dimmable whenever we’re having a film night in the living room for more effects, though you could opt for brighter waves and still get relaxing ambiance. Since I proudly admit to being a midnight snacker, I must say paying trips to the kitchen in the middle of the night is a common sight. However, it wasn’t exactly all that smooth because my bedroom is upstairs and there are countless stairs separating me from the first floor so every time I went to grab something from the counter, I risked breaking an arm or a leg.

All this became a thing of the past when I found all the brilliant ways I could use LED spot lighting to decorate the stairs. And you know what the best thing about this light addition is? Lights are automatic and they turn on as soon as I take the first step. Next stop, the bathroom. It’s always been my dream to get a mirror with lights around it but I wasn’t able to have a subtle effect until I tried it with LEDs. Though that was as far I went with the bathroom, you could implement these lights with a bathtub as well. When it comes to the bedroom, what’s to be said other than you have to create a sanctuary. This means avoiding any light waves that can disturb your circadian rhythm (in other words, your sleep).

There are plenty more ways LED spot lighting can find its way in your home, accent is one of them. If you want to showcase your art, or as in my case, the book collections, then by all means add lights to the shelves. Art and books were meant to be marvelled at. That’s as far as I’ve gone with the lighting makeover and I’d love to get more ideas from you in case you’ve tried something different.