Summer Fun with Kids: Slide Onto a Water Slide in Your Backyard

As a diligent parent, you are constantly looking for fun summer activities for your kids. Summer tennis camps, sports, arts and crafts events, or water park visits, there are plenty of outdoor activities for entertaining and making memories with your child all summer long. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic still going on, you might not be able to enjoy some summer activities like before. Of course, this should not stop you from making the most out of the warm weather this year. 

There are a lot of creative ways to encourage children to be active while staying at home during the warmer seasons. Backyard playgrounds, swing sets, playhouses or kiddie pools, all these classics can keep kids busy playing outside in your own backyard. Or you can shake up your backyard oasis with something more exciting like water slides. Who does not enjoy a good slide? While the majority prefer sliding down water slides at water adventure parks, many people actually love having a water slide in their yard.

Why Kids Love Backyard Water Slides?

Water slides are one of the most popular and exciting things these days. No matter how old they are, children and adults love them alike. So why not build your own water park at home? Nothing screams big fun summer more than having a yard water slide set up in your garden. Anyone who has a yard or can find a flat space can use an inflatable slide and bring the waterpark fun in their own yard. Slides are the perfect way to keep kids cool on the hot summer days, taking fun to a whole new level. If you already have a swimming pool or a kiddie pool in your yard, an inflatable slide will only up the fun factor.


Inflatable backyard slides make a really great addition to any pool, in-ground or above ground, as long as it has a sufficient pool height deck. Whether it’s freestanding or cleverly built into a waterfall and faux rock landscape, there are plenty of different designs suitable for all ages range from toddlers to teenagers. What’s more, water slides can be customised. They are usually portable and convenient, not taking too much space, so are easy to set up and take down. Also, slides are durable and can last for many years with proper care and maintenance. What a worthwhile summer fun investment it is!  

How to Choose the Best Water Slide for Your Backyard 

Kids love getting in some water play and with the right yard water slide, you could have a splash of fun during the hot summer. With so many options available out there, you can turn any size backyard in your kid’s own waterpark. That said, there are several things you might want to take into consideration when looking for the best water slide for your backyard. 

You will want a slide that is durable, and easy to inflate, deflate and store. Hence, pay attention to weight and size limits. Consider the type of pool and how much space available you have to ensure the dimensions actually fit. And if possible, opt for ones on the higher end as they tend to last longer. Also, keep in mind the recommended age range and whether or not the slide is appropriate for use. Do your research before you take the plunge. And needless to say, little ones need to be supervised while climbing and sliding onto a water slide.

Let’s now take a closer look at some of the things you should consider before buying a water slide for your backyard.

The Available Space and Location

How much space do you have? Slides come in a variety of sizes, types and styles which require different amount of space. Knowing how much space available you have will help you decide the convenient size of the water slide. Also, take into account the pool surrounding. Do you have a deck or no deck surrounding your pool? Each pool is different and you should provide ample decking around the slide to keep the access intact. Additionally, consider where to install the slide. Locating it at the deep end or corner is better than placing it in the middle of the patio or seating area as it allows you to keep eye on your kids splashing on the slide. 


The Material

Before buying a slide, think about the material that has been used to make it. The quality and consequently, the durability of a water slide is affected to a large extent by the material. Most inflatable backyard slides are made either fiberglass or rotationally molded polyethylene plastic. Both materials are strong, durable and resistant to corrosion and chemicals. Some slides make use of chemical grade nylon that is also strong and elastic. There are also acrylic water slides that are lightweight but their colours can fade easily after being exposed to the sun for a long time. Opt for a sturdy and puncture-resistant material so that you can use the slide for a long time. 

The Recommended Age Range

Who is going to use the water slide? When choosing a water slide for your yard, consider the recommended age of the water slide to make sure it’s appropriate to use. The age range allows you to pick a slide with the ideal height and weight capacity. Be it small kids or teens, there are a variety of water slides designed for all children ages. Each of them comes with weight restrictions and it’s something that you should take seriously. Choose slide labelled for your child’s age.