Sleep Soundly: 4 Effective Ways to Upgrade Your Bed

We’re all well aware of the significance of getting enough rest every night. If we’re not comfortable enough it can ruin our whole day. But if we have a cosy mattress, a sturdy base and the right pillow, we’ll feel energised and positive throughout the day. You should do everything you can to give yourself that feeling during the day for the rest of your life.

Bed Base


This is a very important part of the bedroom experience because it gives you a sturdy base to lay on. It’s the first supportive layer that leads to a good night’s sleep. When choosing from the assortment of comfy bases for a mattress there are several things to consider. The first one is to visualise the space the base will occupy and measure the available space.

In this case, marking the outline with tape can help you get a nice picture of how big the frame will be. Ensure you have ample space to move around freely. This will take around 50cm on each side. Keep in mind that you should be able to open every door around the bed (wardrobe, bedroom door, drawers).

Many homeowners often forget this part, but you have to have enough room to get the bed inside the bedroom. Consider the stairs, entrance door and the bedroom door. Length-wise, the frame should be at least 10-15cm longer than the tallest person sleeping on it. And if some of the occupants have mobility issues, don’t make it too high or too low.

There are four main types of bases. The first and the most popular one is divans. They’re very simple. Just an upholstered box that can rest on legs, so you have space underneath, or castors to move it freely around the room. They look beautiful and often come with matching headboards.

The second type is slated bases. They can be rigid or flexible. The flexible ones are made of laminated wood and secured with plastic holders. Some even have an adjustable tension to suit your lumbar area. Bedsteads are a classic choice. They come in many styles, modern, traditional, upholstered, metal, wood, plastic and much more. They have a great aesthetic appeal and can have different types of mattress support.


The headboard is probably the first thing that catches your eye when you enter the bedroom. This is mostly due to its size. A headboard can be made of different materials, and it comes in many styles and designs. It’s the perfect place to start if you want to update and upgrade your bed.

You should choose depending on the overall style and decor of the bedroom. Because the headboard is so big, you should match it to the interior. Also, once you’ve chosen from the bases for a mattress, you should match the headboard with the base as well.

Getting a textured headboard is a great way to inject some style into the room. Depending on the design of the bedroom, you can go with cross stitches, ripples, or perhaps some lovely metallic details. Matching it with the rug or the curtains is also a good idea. Don’t shy away from a black headboard.

If you have a modern bedroom, a simple, straight-line headboard will fit perfectly. If you want something softer, go for curvy lines and rounded angles. You can also create your own headboard if you’re artistic and have the right tools. This way you can highlight your personality and express yourself.


Bed with footboard

The main purpose of the footboard is to create a border for the bed. It stops pillows and sheets from falling off and has the power to create a nice finishing touch that rounds up the aesthetics of the bed base and the headboard. It also acts as a structural support for the frame and gives it stability. It can easily become a focal point of the room if it has intricate details, upholstery or carving.

There are low and high footboards. Both have their pros and cons. The low ones give you a minimalistic, open feel and create a sense of more space. They’re good for contemporary and modern bedrooms. High footboards have a more traditional appearance. They can make the whole room seem cosier and warmer. Both options look amazing, it all comes down to personal preference.


Upgrading your bed is not always about the aesthetics. It’s also about how comfortable you are and the quality of your sleep. Pillows play a big part in this. If you don’t have the right pillow, you’ll have trouble falling asleep and wake up sore and tired. Its main purpose is to give proper support to your head, neck and shoulders. To keep them aligned and comfortable.

If you’re a back sleeper, get a pillow that will support the natural curvature of your neck. A cervical pillow will be the best choice because of its structure. If you want a standard pillow, go for a medium to thin one. Memory foam is perfect as a material because it’ll shape around your head.

Side sleepers will benefit the most from a 10-15cm high pillow. It keeps the nose and the sternum aligned and prevents neck strain. Sometimes a body pillow can do a good job as well. When it comes to firmness, side sleepers should go for a medium to heavy firm one. If you sleep on your stomach, buy a lower, softer pillow that won’t bend your spine as much.