Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Your Skateboard’s Bearings

When it comes to performing dangerous tricks on a skateboard, every part of the board is essential. The board itself, the wheel and the bearings – all need to be in sync in order to avoid a break down and a serious injury. Although skateboards seem rather simple, they have all these unnoticeable, small accessories that provide safety in the adrenaline-filled rides. In this article, I’ll be discussing skateboard bearings, why they’re important, and the reasons why you should replace yours when they wear down.

These small accessories were first introduced in the seventies, when skateboarding started to hit peak popularity. Not long after, a lot of skateboard brands started manufacturing skateboard bearings, which allow the skateboard’s wheels to spin properly. They’re a highly functional accessory that prevents metals from grinding within the wheel. If you were ever wondering whether they are a big deal or not, wonder no more, they are of huge importance for your skateboard properly functioning.

Skateboard Bearings

In case you’re a newbie skateboarder who doesn’t know what bearings are, they’re basically circular-shaped with flat sides. They usually have multiple lubricated balls (the number depends on the type of bearings), with steel bearings featuring 7 or 8, while ceramic bearings feature 9. Their main function is to distribute weight and tension evenly between the wheels.

Typically, steel bearings are the more economic and durable option, but they accumulate a lot of heat. Hence the invention of ceramic bearings, which are less susceptible to heat, but are more costly. Ceramic bearings are manufactured from a compound known as silicon nitride. This type of bearings is tougher and smoother than steel bearings. They allow for a better performance, but as aforementioned, cost more. Many skaters will tell you that they’re worth every dollar spent.

Something else to know before opening up your wallet is that bearings are rated on a formal scale, known as the Annual Bearing Engineering Committee scale (AEBC). Professional and experienced skaters aim for bearings ranked with 3 to 5, as they offer a smooth and precise performance while also being long-lasting.

Simply put, these small mechanical accessories allow the motion of two or more moving parts and are of utmost importance for a skater as they enable a safe and smooth performance, so don’t neglect them. You can buy them online, but before you do so, look at the AEBC ratings and read reviews. Decide whether ceramic or steel is the better option for you by considering your skating style and preferences.